Samsung Galaxy high end phones in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy high end phones in Nepal, price

Many Nepali smartphone lovers are willing to spend good amount of money to buy a good smartphone. Some end up buying iPhone and others search for the best what market has to offer. Till this date Samsung is the biggest winner in Android smartphone market worldwide. We have listed some best and most advanced products that Samsung has to offer. This is the list with Price of High End Samsung mobile phones in Nepal.

Lets start with best and elite smartphone available in the market then we will go down to other members in this comparison. They have connection with different banks for this kind of payment. It shows the love and craze for best smartphones. There might be many new smartphones that might be seen as high end due to specs but here we only talk about the flagship devices.

Samsung always sets bar for the high end phones. There may be some old models in the list and some may not be here. Many phones are not sold and manufactured now. Stock keepers might have old handsets so you might get them also. These are the price of Samsungs high end flagship phones in Nepal.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Rs 1,09,900 (128 GB), Rs 1,04,900 (64GB)
Samsung Galaxy S9 Rs 92,900 (64 GB)
Galaxy Note 8 Rs 96,900 (64 GB)
Galaxy S8+ Rs 79,900
Galaxy S8 Rs 69,900
Galaxy S7 Edge Rs 54,900
Galaxy S7 Rs 65900
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rs 60,000
Galaxy S6 Edge Rs 58,000

Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+


S8 series is the best and most powerful smartphone available in the market from Samsung. They have the most gorgeous display, design, powerful camera and features. This is a upgrade from S7 series with some new features and design overhaul. \

Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge

This is the new flagship phone of 2016 by Samsung and it is the improved and advanced version of S6. The phone covers up all the weakness of the predecessor.  This time the phone has been launched at a lower price than last time. Read the full review of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to find more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

S6 Edge plus is the latest model of Samsung in the S6 family which was launched together with the Note 5. It has increased screen size that is 5.7” Super AMOLED while the old one had just 5.1”. The camera has been improved slightly with OIS technology. RAM is now 4GB DDR4 in comparison to 3 GB of previous model.

In addition to people’s edge a new feature called Apps Edge has been introduced with great features of keeping favorite apps in the edge for easy use. Samsung said that they won’t be officially launching this phone in Nepal so we caught it on grey market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Note 5 was launched together with Galaxy S6 Edge plus few months back. This phone will be replacing the old Galaxy Note 4 this year at around same price range. Galaxy Note 5 some great new features compared to Note 4.

A bigger 5.7 inch super AMOLED screen with great pixel density, 4GB RAM, new S pen features, gestures, screenshot capability and improved fast wireless charging this phone has good improvements. The down point is no SD card support and non removable smaller battery.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / S6

Honestly people liked Galaxy S6 Edge over the normal S6 due to design. The design of S6 Edge is actually one of the brilliant design we have seen till now and everyone loves it too. It has a very crispy, detailed display protected by best in class covering that is Gorilla Glass 4. Phone features awesome octa core processor, 16 MP camera capable of recording 4K Ultra HD videos.

The network reception is good, fast charging, wireless charging and all communication features likes NFC, Samsung Pay makes this device great. Overall build quality of aviation grade metal, whole body covering of Gorilla Glass 3 makes it a great flagship phone.


Samsung is improving their flagship phones each year. Note lineup and S lineup are their best products to buy. Each have their own specialty. Note comes with stylus and improved features each year. Buy the phone which suits your need and demand.

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