PUBG Banned in Nepal: NTA orders ISP after CIB requests

PUBG Banned in Nepal

In Nepal, it is now “Winner Winner No chicken Dinner” for PUBG players. Nepal Government has now banned PUBG in Nepal. NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) has ordered all ISP to block the popular game. Government is now blocking it in such a way that, it can’t be played or downloaded. Nepal Police CIB (Central Investigation Bureau) requested for this action. PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is a very popular online game.

After getting lots of complaints, CIB requested the court for permission to take down the game. The respected court permitted and agreed to this request and as a result, NTA ordered all the ISPs to block the game. Many players are disappointed by this decision while many parents are very happy with this stand.

This is one of the fastest growing online game. It is famous worldwide and many people play. Mostly teenagers and kids play these online games. Fortnite and Apex Legends are other such types of games. These games are so famous that people buy powerful phones just to play these. Gaming is good for the brain if it is done in limit but addition is where we should draw the line.

PUBG is a multi-platform game which means it runs on smartphone and computers. Gamers play on all platforms. However, the highest number of players are smartphone users. As a tech review site, we see many queries of people asking phones performance with PUBG. From this, we can see how a game is affecting people’s purchase decision and shaping the smartphone market.

Problem and Action

In recent events, we were seeing addition being a major issue on kids and teenagers. Students and children were not focusing on the study and they were spending more time on mobile games such as PUBG. We also heard some cases of children stealing money from parents to buy a new phone as well. Gaming has always been criticized but PUBG was taking kids in a rapid way.

Many parents, teachers were complaining about this issue. This is very new because the game isn’t much old. The issues due to games were also increasing rapidly as the younger audience was getting involved very fast. There was a push from a lot of people and from a lot of sectors.

Previously in older days, most of us used to game on consoles and computers. These days as everyone has a portable smartphone, gaming is changed. People just play the game anywhere at any time when they want. There were a few cases of children getting neck and other physical problem as well. India also banned PUBG in Gujrat state a few weeks ago. Nepal Government is also doing the same to control the issue.

As Nepali ISP are banning PUBG from being played and even downloading, it would be hard to access it. However, people are getting smarter these days with the internet. Nepalese players will find a way around by using VPN apps on their smartphones. Many comic and meme sharing social sites are already filled with PUBG and VPN jokes.

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