iPhone 6S Models in Nepal
iPhone 6S Models in Nepal

Apple just made a sales record by selling 13 million units within 1 week of launch of the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Exactly a year before its predecessor iPhone 6 was launched and even people in were crazy went crazy. Well to be honest there is no other phone like iPhone that has so many crazy fans. iPhone 6S series has been launched in many countries and will be launched in Nepal very soon but the grey market has become active and it is indicating the price. This is the review and price of iPhone 6S and 6S plus in Nepal.

If you are already using an iPhone 6 and are considering to get the new one than you should really put on some thought before spending such huge amount of money unless you are in their new upgrade program. Anyways if you are iPhone 5 user or any other user this phone can be a good choice. This official date for release in Nepal isn’t out but we talked to Evostore and they said it might be around November, so fill up your pockets guys.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6S Plus

1.84 GHz Dual core processor 1.84 GHz Dual core processor
Apple A9 Chipset Apple A9 Chipset
PowerVR GT7600 GPU PowerVR GT7600 GPU
4.7” HD IPS LCD Display 5.5” 1080p IPS LCD Display
12 MP Rear/ 5 MP Front Camera 12 MP Rear/ 5 MP Front Camera
1715 mAh battery 2750 mAh battery
iOS 9.0.2 iOS 9.0.2

Which is better?


Both of the mobiles have same processor, amount of RAM, storage options, camera and chipset. The difference comes in size where the new iPhone 6S plus comes with a 5.5 inch 1080p full HD screen where as the 6S only has HD screen which is resolution of 750X1334. Plus also has a 2750 mAh battery compared to the 1715 mAh rated battery found in the smaller one. If you want more juice, better screen quality and also you can handle bid screen then iPhone 6S plus is the best option.


If there is nothing new than there is no value in buying a new device so Apple added few new things in its software and has internally done some hardware changes to make the device stronger than last time. Last year we heard a lot about bending of the iPhone 6 Plus so they have reinforced the new chassis with new series if metal allow. The focus has been made on the weak point where the void can’t be jumped liked the power and volume button. The new LTE bands improves the device’s connectivity power and the new Live photos which can be used as wallpaper is actually cool. Even Facebook is bringing new feature to put videos or live photos as profile picture.

iPhone 6S Comparison
iPhone 6S Comparison


Camera: Lets start with the biggest improvement except the body which is camera. This time Apple added a 12 MP back facing camera with 4K video recording capability and of course there is slow motion option. The front facing camera is 5 MP which takes a loot better selfies this time. You won’t notice much difference in the photos while viewing on your phone. You can see the huge difference in pixel, detail and picture quality while you observe them in computer like we said in previous article about evolution of camera in smartphone.

3D Touch: The new 3D touch or simply force touch is mainly touching any object for extended period of time compared to normal touching. This new feature enables users to get quick options to do task from an app without opening them. For example if you force touch Camera app you get options to take selfies, normal pictures etc. Most of the 3rd party apps don’t support 3D touch and the developers should add this new gesture support to their program. It might seem like a pretty feature but isn’t that useful according to many users. Our old habit of touching the apps normally is enough because all we will be doing is saving just one more tap.

Final Words and Price

iPhone 6S series honestly isn’t a big improvement except the new camera and body just like other manufacturers including Samsung. The innovation is in saturated condition right now. These are the price of seal pack phone which haven’t been even Jail broken and unlocked. Totally unlocked iPhones will cost you alot more.

Official Price from authorized and legitimate distributor)

iPhone 6 64 GB: Rs 68000, 128 GB: Rs 78000
iPhone 6s 32 GB: Rs 72800
iPhone SE 64 GB: Rs 52500
iPad Pro 9.7 Rs 17500

These are the updated price of Apple products of previous generation. It was last updated on May 19th 2017.


    • It is from third party retailers. Wait Evostore told us that official release will be on November so the official and original price might be lower. Even if we think of importing from India, Cnet said India is selling the iPhone at highest price compared to whole world. So wait or try form another countries.

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