HEVC or High efficiency video encoding (x265/HEVC) is a new standard video codec developed using C++ that is open source. It is in testing phase but the updates have been rolled out in decoders like VLC and encoders like handbrake. All of these software are open source software. We have tested the power of this new codec and is absolutely amazing. Currently c264 codec dominates the world. The first time x264 was introduced and the video encodes became more small we were amazed but now the power of x265 codec amazes more.

x265 HEVC encode development was initiated in 2013 and the pubic stable version was made out on October 2014. So this is a hot technology that we have seen. I am always afraid about my Hard disk space with all those music videos, DVDs and Blu-ray movie encodes. I am certain that I will be able to save 50% of my storage by encoding these videos with HEVC. As the nae states the encoding is highly efficient.

The videos can be encoded or compressed with best quality in smaller size and lower bit rates. We have seen some videos and the results are terrific. The video in x264 a sample was 130 Mb for 480p but the 160Mb we got 720p with x26 HEVC. The main goal of the encoding is to have lowest it rate and best quality possible for that criteria.

Same movie of nearly same size in HEVC 720P(left) and x264 480p(right).
Same movie of nearly same size in HEVC 720P(left) and x264 480p(right).

This encode is specially good for Ultra HD contents like 4K and 8K that is 8192X4320. We we pretty confident that the old x264 won’t be able to handle 4K and 8K video sizes in reasonable disks like Blu-Ray but x265 will surely relieve us from this. The encoding efficiency so good that with increase in resolution the bit rate decreases in comparison with x264. For 480p it is 52%, for 720p it is 56%, for 1080p it is 62% and for 4k it is 64%. These data shows that the fie sie is reduced drastically.This is a revolutionary change for media and video encoding, video streaming and storage. With smaller sizes available videos can be streamed and served very fast.


The data compression was designed to be 1000:1 which is immense. Till now only latest updates of VLC player and some other decoders have supported H.265 playback and hand full of encoders only support it. Till now no mobile device, TV or any media except computer is able to decode these videos and provide smooth playback but these will be implemented soon.The x265 will surely take on video storage and streaming soon. As the codec is in development stage the results are satisfying and we believe the stable and upcoming versions will show really good results.

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