Ringing Bells Freedom 251
Ringing Bells Freedom 251

This company is now under investigation due to suspicion of Scam. Nothing seems to have credibility. More information at bottom.  With the initiation of Make in India project, people are expecting a lot of things and Samsung is already manufacturing phones from its local plant. India is also exporting its high class luxury train coaches to foreign countries. To fulfill the dream of connecting everyone, a very recently established company named Ringing Bells in Noida has showcased their new smartphone in a astounding price of IC Rs 251.

FIR Has been filed against this company. The company is in deep waters. Talking about the worlds cheapest smartphone, in India the definition and the price range have changed. This phone is now available for booking and the company said that it will provide the product within 4 months of placing the order. The company was setup by graduates of Amity University. News channels were stating this phone to be cheaper than coffee and decent lunch in a restaurant. Well it is a “sorcery” for us and everyone in tech world. Even a good back cover or memory card costs more than the price of this phone.

Freedom 251 was launched yesterday in a big function with VIP ministers of India. Some media got their hands on the model and the specification, build was impressive. It is totally impressive because a phone below $5 is unimaginable. It consists of 4” IPS display with WVGA resolution and inside we have 1.3 GhZ quad core processor bound with 1 GB RAM. 8GB internal storage, external SD card support up to 32 GB, 3.2 MP main camera and 0.3 MP front facing camera makes this phone unbelievable.

The phone is totally made up of plastic and has removable back which has Indian flag printed on it. It is powered by a battery rated at 1450 mAh and is running android 5.1 Lollipop. The initial preview was good and proved that the phone exists with all the specs that company claimed. Mobile will be provided with 1 year warranty and the company has more than 650 service centers.


Truth: The company returned all the money after serious allegations and charge of scam. The company is said to be facing many other fraud charges of similar schemes.

Freedom 251 Make In India
Freedom 251 Make In India

Conundrum: Hindustan Times said in an article that this phone might have done some potential copyright infringement because it’s UI, icons are same as of Apple’s iPhone. The phone didn’t have the promised apps like Swachh Bharat, the logo was covered with whitener and said “Adcom”. The company said it is just sample but the units that will be sold will have everything specified on paper and will be legit. Adcom official said they will be investigating into this matter at first then it said they sold their phones at $5. The Telecom ministry has started investigation in this matter as the phone manufacturers and people can’t believe that this is real and there may be some sort of fishy mater going on. Memes and jokes are being made around this phone because no one has seen or heard anything after the launch event.

Freedom251 Joke
Freedom 251 Joke: Source: Indianboi

A lot of things are unclear and behind the curtain of uncertainty. All we can do is watch and wait for the mobile to be publicly available easily. Ringing bells Freedom 251 impressions and future market very important subject.

This phone is cheap and targeted to extremely low budget people. The main reason behind starting Android One by Google was also the same but this phone changes it all. If the phone is real and becomes a success it can definitely take the market share of those phones.

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