Samsung Bloggers Meeting in Kathmandu
Samsung Bloggers Meet 2015

Samsung Nepal has officially stepped in the Himalayan country. They are starting their new journey with new ways. The first step was today’s Samsung bloggers meeting that was held in their head office. They starting a new trend in Nepal today by organizing interactive bloggers meeting in Kathmandu. This was organized in order to introduce the latest launched smartphones and to take feedback, opinions from the tech-savvy bloggers. The program featured discussions on the devices such as Samsung Galaxy E series and Galaxy A series.

The meeting was hosted at City Museum, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. Various representatives of different media, blogs like Techno Nepal, Gadgets In Nepal, Gadgetbyte Nepal, ECS Media, Wave Magazine, Republica, including us were present. The meeting was mainly focused on the latest mid-range but powerful and premium design consisting of smartphones.

There were high-level officials of IMS and Samsung in the meeting. We all got our hands on new awesome devices. The new Samsung Galaxy A series consists of great mid-range options with a slim aluminum body. The new Galaxy E Series phones are also great with solid plastic built. The body of phones are super slim and feels premium. We will publish the detailed review of devices soon as we get our hands on them.

Meeting, Samsung and New devices

The meeting showcased all new phones that Samsung is launching. This includes Galaxy E5, Galaxy E7, Galaxy A3, and Galaxy A5. We also got look at the upcoming Galaxy A7 and flagship Galaxy S6 edge. A series is a new lineup which lies just below the flagship  S and Note phones. They are really close to flagship specification. We were really impressed by S6 Edge design and build. As far as we know, it is coming to the market very soon.

The common thing on all these phones is that they have great Selfie taking wide angle front camera. All of the phones had one issue that is non-removable back. This is to achieve a slim, solid unibody design. A series of phones felt very solid and premium in hand. The new mid-range phones also have Super AMOLED screen, Gorilla Glass and a great camera. Samsung Nepal expects to shake the market with its new offerings.

The program was wonderful and we are excited that these types of meetings will be held regularly. It is great for all the bloggers and company. We thank them for organizing such a program. It is the first time because Samsung Mobile Nepal has just come to Nepal. Samsung India is still overseeing the country but now there is a seperate office and Nepali administration to look after the market. Now that we are close to the company, we can publish more reviews on Samsung devices on regular basis.



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