Samsung Bloggers Meet
Samsung Bloggers Meet

Samsung did inception of a new trend in Nepal today by organizing an interactive bloggers meeting in Kathmandu. This was organized in order to introduce the latest launched smartphones and to take feedback, opinions from the tech savvy bloggers. The program featured great discussions on the devices such as Samsung Galaxy E series and Galaxy A series.

The meeting was hosted at City Museum, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu. Various representatives of different media, blogs like Techno Nepal, Gadgets In Nepal, Gadgetbyte Nepal, ECS Media, Wave Magazine, Republica, including us or Delta Digit(obviously) were present. The meeting was mainly focused on the latest mid range but powerful and premium design consisting smartphones.

We all got our hands on these awesome devices. The new Samsung Galaxy A series consists of great and slim design and Aluminium body. The new Galaxy E Series are also great phones with plastic built but not ordinary built. The body is super slim and without compromise the body still feels premium. We will publish the detail review of other devices soon.

The meeting showcased all new phones that are Samsung Galaxy E5, Galaxy E7, Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. We also got Galaxy A7 and Galaxy S6 edge to see before the release for our view. The Galaxy A series is the new series which lies just below the flagship phones. They are really cose to flagship specification.


The most common of all these phones is that they have great Selfie taking wide angle front camera. All of the phones had one issue that is non removable back but a great feature included that is Hybrid SIM and uni-body design.

The program was wonderful and we are excited that these meeting will be held regularly which is great for all the bloggers and the Samsung. We thank them for organizing such programs. It is the first time because Samsung Mobile Nepal has just come to Nepal. Before this Samsung India abd other companies used to control this region.

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