Samsung Nepal Launches 2021 Crystal 4K UHD TV line-up

Samsung AU7700 and AU8000 UHD TVs

Samsung has a lot of TVs in the Nepali market. They offer LED, LCD, and QLED panels with anywhere from HD to 4K resolution. There are different series and lineups of Samsung television sets in the market. Now, the company has launched its new 2021 Crystal 4K UHD TV line-up in Nepal. This is line-up includes AU8000 series and AU7700 series products with the latest features. The TVs in the new line-up are improved and designed to offer better picture quality, vivid colors, deeper contrast, and smart features.

The Crystal 4K UHD line-up has TVs of size ranging from 43″, 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″. It means there is a good number of options for size. This series is special because it is powered by Samsung’s Crystal Technology. The picture engine is the new Crystal 4K processor. It provides better 4K image processing and content upscaling using AI capability. The products of this line-up also have features like Crystal 4K Display, Tap View, Screen Mirroring, and Lag-Free Gaming, and Auto Low Latency Mode.

The AU8000 series and AU7700 series TVs also have a slimmer body, thinner bezels, and other advanced features. There are even productivity features such as Wireless Dex and Microsoft 365 support. These things make the new Crystal 4K UHD TV series a perfect combination of technology, aesthetics, and features. Now let us discuss the features of the Crystal 4K UHD TV series in brief.


Air Slim Design Design and Ambient Mode

The new line-up has a big focus on aesthetics and design. TVs have slim bodies, solid build, and thinner bezels. This gives a better viewing experience and immersion. Therefore we can tell that the new series exudes immersion with the display. People or viewers want to enjoy their big displays with fewer obstacles. Therefore these big screens of the AU8000 series and the AU7700 series provide bigger real-estate with lesser disturbance. Thus people can better enjoy movies, videos, and gaming with the new TVs.

Ambient Mode is another very interesting available feature. In this mode, a user can project any favorite photo to the TV and it blends in the room or environment’s décor. We can also make a collage of favorite photos and run a slideshow. This works like a screensaver and photo frame feature.

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Crystal 4K UHD TV for Gaming

The gaming industry has grown a lot. These days people love to play games in their free time. In the case of normal homes, people use consoles like Xbox and Playstation on their TVs to play. This means it is very important to have a good display and gaming features. First of all, the Crytal 4K UHD lineup has televisions with a resolution of 3840×2160 which is 4K. This is already considered high resolution and very sharp.


The lineup also offers gaming-related features such as Motion Xcelerator, Auto Game Mode, and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Motion Xcelerator helps to improve the clarity of images during the game dynamically by adjusting motion performance. The ALLM is another feature that changes the gaming preset of the TV when it detects signal from gaming consoles. It is important to switch modes in modern TV because they spend a lot of resources to improve the images, colors, and upscaling. However, those things can take a toll on latency, and that matters in gaming. So ALLM works by switching to game presets automatically.

Productivity Features

Samsung’s latest televisions in this series have better productivity features. There is a special “Personal Computer Mode” where the TV can be transformed into a PC. The system allows users to use the internet, access the cloud, and work with documents. There is also a feature called Wireless Dex which is one of the most productive features. By the way, Dex requires having a flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The AU8000 series and the AU7700 series televisions also have features such as wireless screen mirroring without internet and screen extension.

One of the most interesting and useful features of the Crystal 4K UHD TV line-up is “Home Cloud”. This allows the Samsung TV to create a virtual cloud and store files. Users can directly transfer the photos and videos on their Galaxy smartphones to the USB storage that is connected to the TV. This allows the users to clean up storage space on the phone and also allows users to watch photos or videos from the cloud.

There are other smart services available such as Bixby, Tizen OS, Google Assistant, SmartThings App Support, and Alexa support. Users can also use their remote and perform actions using their voices. Changing channel, adjusting volume, searching content, and controlling playback can be all done using voice commands.


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Sound and Music

The Crystal 4K UHD TV products have also been designed to provide better sound. There is Adaptive Sound technology that helps to adjust the sound according to the content. This helps to provide an optimal viewing experience to the user. There is also Dolby Digital Plus, 2 channel 20W speaker, and Bluetooth support. Music Player has also been provided which has realistic visual elements that make music listening also a better experience.

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