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Samsung Nepal Forum 2018

Samsung hosted Samsung Forum 2018 Nepal in Kathmandu. Such event was organized last month in Rome as well. In the three day event, Samsung invited all it retailers, promoters, media friends and business partners. This is first of a kind program in Nepal from Samsung. The main goal was to connect with partners and showcase new technology. We also found many interesting things in the event this time.

The first day SRDs, Retailers had a big event then second day was for media and bloggers. Final day business and big buyers meet the company and see the event. This event gave all the media and business partners a close look at their portfolio. The main event for retailers was welcomes by Samsung South West Asia President HC Hong.

They are more focused on higher range market these days because purchase capacity is increasing. In both CE (Consumer Electronics) and HHP (Hand Held Products) company is seeing that people are spending more. Thus they are focusing on higher end products more than ever. They are taking feedback and ideas from partners to improve their products in future.

The company officials told us they welcome our feedback for R&D purpose. There are two R&D centers in India and one in Bangladesh. The one in Bangladesh is focused for their country and then Nepal and Sri-Lanka. Software, features and other development happens in our eastern neighboring country.

Attractions and New Products

The showcase event was inside Kumari Hall of Annapurna Hotel. At first we saw new Ultrasound Machine which shows their diversity. Samsung is pushing new 4K Smart QLED TV from now. Most of them are Curved screen with many interesting features like HDR. In our view the 4K HDR videos on these TVs are really brilliant.

Samsung also presented their new line of Fridge, Oven and Washing Machine. Their high end refrigerator costs Rs 2,00,000 and new Samsung Flex Wash washing machine costs Rs 2,69,999 in Nepal. There are many other products in various range with new design. Almost all fridge have digital inverter technol and 10 years warranty.

For living room section, they showed us new AC, Air purifier, sound bars and a All in One Computer. This was rather interesting for us. It has AMD GX-222GC SOC, Radeon R5E Graphics, 4 GB RAM all inside 22” screen. They didn’t disclose price of many products. We say the Galaxy S9, S9+, Tab S3, Galaxy J7 Prime 2 and Note 8 also.

Samsung Nepal is also working to bring AKG and JBL products in Nepal as well. They are working with marketing channels to bring more products. Next we saw few interesting things for business. They had display screens for shopping malls and public spaces. For smart classes they had a big multi touch interactive screen. Stylus also works with this display. This is supposed to replace conventional boards and make classes and meeting more interactive.

They also showcased new QLED display which can be connected together to form big format display. The panels have very less bezel which makes it less disturbing while viewing. It is meant for stadiums, malls and other places where we need big display and good quality. One interesting product is Mirror display. It is for cloth shops because when there is no one in front of it, it works as normal display with adverts and contents. When a person is closer to the display, it works as mirror. It also shows how clothes look on you and becomes more interactive.


Samsung is also bringing special display TV for Hotel rooms. They are connected to a main server that can connect up to 500 panels at once. These display can be used to provide customized information, offers and other content to the guest. The company is saying that their new focus is on IOT from this 2018.

Samsung Forum 2018 Nepal shows that they will be going furiously on marketing and pushing their products. The company is expanding heavily on medical, educational and corporate market. The company officials said that they want feedback from consumers to improve their products. So if you have any suggestions for any of their products do drop it in comments below.

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