Samsung Galaxy On series vs Galaxy On Pro 2016 series

Samsung Galaxy On Pro vs Galaxy On

Samsung Galaxy On series phones are one of the popular and powerful budget smartphones in the market. The Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 were released last year on 2015. Their revision the “Pro” or 2016 edition has been released this year. They are cheaper than the J series due to some specs and hardware. They have TFT display instead of AMOLED found on J5 and J7. We will compare and show differences in this Samsung Galaxy On series vs Galaxy On Pro 2016 series.

These phones are getting good attention from the people due to its price and power. Samsung is launching new revised model of old series like A, J and On. It is due to the customers love and demand. Customers are demanding phones from those series and company is supplying the market with new updated edition.

People need to to know clearly before investing on a smartphone. We know that the consumers who buy phones of this budget segment buy phone as an investment. They want the phone to provide what they claimed at sales. These consumers don’t update or change the phone every  months or in year. To help our readers we will simple layout the hardware, software, goods, bad and commons of the predecessor and successor.

Samsung Galaxy On5 vs Galaxy On5 Pro: To make the comparison easier lets put the common things at one place. Both new and old models have a 5 inch 720p HD TFT screen, 1.3 GHz quad core processor and Mali T720 GPU. Lets compare in table for ease. They both are running Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. Camera section is also same f/2.2 8 Megapixel main camera and 5 MP front camera. Newer version of On5 Pro 2016 costs Rs 9190 and older  On5 costs Rs 7000 in India.

Department Galaxy On5 2015 Galaxy On5 Pro 2016
RAM 1.5 GB 2 GB
On-board storage 8 GB 16 GB
SD Card support 256 GB 256 GB
Battery 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
Pixel Density 288 ppi 294 ppi


There is not much difference or upgrade in the new On5 pro. Only improvement is 512 MB increase in RAM, doubled internal memory and small pixel density increase. People would have admired some battery power increase. Actually the new internal memory amount and RAM can be a good deal maker for customers.

Galaxy On5 Pro vs On7 Pro
Galaxy On5 Pro vs On7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy On7 vs Galaxy On7 Pro: These two phones have a big 720P HD 5.5” TFT display and 267 ppi pixel density. The processor is 1.2 GHz quad core processor and Adreno 306 GPU. Both smartphones hold 13 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera that can shoot 1080p videos. The aperture is better in this one because it is f/2.1. The On7 pro is running Marshmallow but the predecessor will also get the update soon. In India the price of On7 Pro is Rs 11650 and the On7 2015 costs Rs 9000.

Department Galaxy On7 2015 Galaxy On7 Pro 2016
Internal Memory 8 GB 16 GB
RAM 1.5 GB 2 GB
Battery 3000 mAh 3000 mAh
Pixel Density 267 ppi 267 ppi
SD support 256 GB 256 GB

Final Thoughts

Looking at the specs there hasn’t been many updates in these phones. Only the RAM and internal storage have been increased. It isn’t huge as expected when phone models are revised.

They are good enough to provide reason to people for buying the latest phone. Of course the price will be the decision maker. 8 GB memory is enough for people who use the phone for minimal purpose but 16 GB is essential if you love few apps and games.

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