Samsung Galaxy A (2017) vs Galaxy A (2016) series

Samsung Galaxy A 2016 vs Galaxy A 2017

Samsung started the beautiful lineup of the A series back in 2015. The series included world’s slimmest phone back then. This lineup is meant to bring flagship features and experience to the mid range buyers. It was a success in first year and it is continuing to this date. Last year, they updated the family with Galaxy A (2016) which was also a success. In 2017, they have made many great changes that still make the A series one of the best choice. 

Major constituents of this family are Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. There are A8 and A9 as well but they cross the mid range budget threshold. They still have a unibody design and non-removable battery. There are major improvements each year such as battery, camera and display.

Common Grounds: Galaxy A 2017 phones have many things in common just like the A 2016 family. The A family phones have strong metallic body and frame. All the 2017 models have Gorilla Glass 4 at front with 3D glass at back. All screens are Super AMOLED with Always On Display (AOD). The new generation is IP68 rated water and dust resistant. They have new USB Type-C, Android 6.0.1 and speaker at side. In case of previous generation or Galaxy A 2016 phones, they also run on Marshmallow and have fingerprint scanner. All display panels are AMOLED with Gorilla Glass 4.


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We want to start this comparison with the small brother, Galaxy A3 (2017) vs Galaxy A3 (2016).

Galaxy A3 2017Galaxy A3 2016
1.6 GHz octa core processor1.5 GHz quad core processor
16 GB internal/Max 256 GB SD card16 GB internal/Max 128 GB SD card
4.7” Screen4.7” Screen
720p , 312 ppi pixel density720p display, 312 ppi pixel density
Exynos 7870Snapdragon 410/Exynos 7578
2350 mAh battery2300 mAh battery
13 MP f/1.9 Main, 8 MP front13 MP f/1.9 Back, 5 MP front


In the comparison of Galaxy A3 2016 vs Galaxy A3 2017, we see that there are updates in 2017 models. There is increase in RAM and processor power. The front camera pixel count is increased to 8 MP and the back camera is also more improved. We can see a small increase in battery size and SD card support as well. The screen size and pixel density remains the same.


Another match is between the most famous product of this line, Galaxy A5 (2017) vs Galaxy A5 (2016)

Galaxy A5 2017Galaxy A5 2016
1.9 GHz Octacore processor1.6 GHz Octacore/1.5 QC+ 1.2 QC
32 GB internal/Max 256 GB SD card16 GB internal/Max 128 GB SD card
3000 mAh battery2900 mAh battery
Exynos 7880 ChipsetSnapdragon 615/ Exynos 7850
1080p 5.2” Display, 424 ppi1080p 5.2” Display, 424 ppi
Mali-T830MP2Adreno 306/ Mali T720
16 MP, f/1.9 rear,  16 MP front13 MP, f/1.9 rear,  5 MP front


This comparison of Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 vs Galaxy A5 2017 shows us major upgrades in the new A5. The camera has been improved significantly for both modules. The back and front cameras are now 16 MP from previous 13 MP and 5 MP. There is small improvement in battery size and processor section. We appreciate the increase in RAM, double internal storage and SD card support.

Galaxy A series comparison
Galaxy A series comparison

At last, we have the big beefy brother with all the muscles and power, Galaxy A7 2017 vs Galaxy A7 2016.

Galaxy A7 2017Galaxy A7 2016
1.9 GHz Octacore processor1.2+1.5 GHz (QC combo)/ 1.6 GHz Octacore
32 GB internal/Max 256 GB SD card16 GB On board/128 GB SD card Max.
Mali-T830MP2Mali T720/ Adreno 405
Exynos 7880 SOCSnapdragon 615/ Exynos 7850
5.7” 1080p at 386 ppi1080p 5.5” screen, 401 ppi
16 MP Back/16 MP front, f/1.9 rear,13 MP Main/ 5 MP secondary,f/1.9 camera
3600 mAh battery3300 mAh battery


After comparing the Galaxy A 2016 vs Galaxy A 2017, we can justify the new ungraded series. The camera has been improved a lot like the new A5. Battery is now upgraded to 3600 mAh, internal storage is also 32 GB. There isn’t much update in processor power but we see a decrease in screen’s pixel density.


Samsung is doing great in the market with this series. The products are gradually improving each year. We still have first Galaxy A5 with us and we would also like to upgrade to new A5. This new comparison of Samsung Galaxy A 2017 vs Galaxy A 2016 showed us the few new things that will attract customers.

In our view, IP68 waterproofing and dust resistance is one of the biggest deal maker. The camera, RAM, Processor, battery upgrades are also highly appreciated. Our personal favorites are AOD and water proofing. It is clear that, the new phones are fantastic and worth buying. If you have a good budget then go for the best of new series but if you have tight budget the old generation phones will also provide you the value.


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