Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 full review, details, benchmark

Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

Galaxy A series is one of the most priority smartphone for Samsung. They said that, it is meant for people who can’t afford flagship but want the features and can wait. As the Galaxy A7 2017 is in the Nepali market we took it for review. We are a fan of A series because of its price to performance ratio.

A series is evolving each generation and it is getting better. More people are choosing this device in mid range budget. According to Samsung, this phone is meant for people who want features of flagship but can’t afford but can wait. A series phones come with features of last flagship only a year later.

After assessing the success of the A series, company told us that, they will be focusing on this a lot more. Each year we get something interesting and new. A7 2016 used some features from S6 while the A7 2017 is using features from Galaxy S7.

Design: This year, we have a 5.7” 1080p AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4 coating. It is a 2D glass at front with finger print scanner infused home button. The screen size is a bit bigger than last year models. There are new range of colors this time and one special thing is to be noticed.

Samsung curved the back of the phone just like the S7. It is now easier to handle the phone with one hand. Another eye-catching thing is non protruding camera. Cameras of earlier models have cameras protruding but the A7 solves it all by making it same level.

Performance and Specs: This new mid tier phone is powered by 1.9 GHz Octa Core processor on Exynos 7880 SoC. Inside we get 3 GB RAM, Mali T830MP3 graphics card and 32 GB internal memory. The processor is Samsung’s own house product and it performs good. At this level consumers expect better graphics card like new Adreno GPU.

In our test also, the multitasking and gaming performance were good. OnePlus 3T is at same price as Galaxy A7 2017 is in Nepal. OP 3T packs 6GB RAM and most customers see it as an advantage over this phone. Actually 4G RAM is enough and S8 proves it clearly. There were no over heating issues during the use.

Samsung Galaxy A7 benchmark result
Samsung Galaxy A7 benchmark result

Camera: It is one of the most important pillars of the review. Camera quality is also one of the most demanded potion. Galaxy A7 2017 comes with 16 Megapixel f/1.9 cameras at both sides. They are very sharp and take detailed photos in good lighting condition.

In terms of video, they can only record FHD videos but expected UHD. The depth of field and blur effect is very good and best thing is video stabilization. Camera produced great photos and selfies with some beauty touch up. Taking hyper-lapse videos was one of our favorite thing to do with this toy.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Camera Samples
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Camera Samples

The camera module doesn’t protrude at all which makes it very satisfying in look and design. Just like this phone and C9 Pro, the company will be focusing on better front camera from now.


Features and Usage: We are very much happy to see a 3600 mAh battery in this phone. It is just like the S7 Edge and surprisingly bigger than S8+. This is a good thing because even the best flagship from them doesn’t have such big battery. The battery life is also awesome and can go up to 3 days in standby and 2 days with minimal use.

It is still running Android Marshmallow but Nougat update is coming soon. Some of its best features include USB Type-C, barometer, gyrosensor, compass, fingerprint scanner. As an engineer, compass is very important to me. Well many of our staffs are engineers and we things, this feature must be included in all phones.

They help in finding directions which can be great help in emergency situation. Galaxy A7 2017 has dual SIM support and SD card as well. In the original A7, there was hybrid system and it is good to see that Samsung ditched it. We love their application in new model and urge them to not make hybrid SIM systems.

Galaxy C9 Pro and A7 lie in very near price range. There is still a difference of $50 but in this segment, this deviation in small. There is no LED notification and dual tone LED flash. These are some of the features we missed very much. Other features like AOD, Blue-light fighter and Game Tools are very much appreciated.



This is a great phone in all the ways. It has done all the important revisions that needs to be done from its predecessor. IP68 rating, bigger battery, good processor and decent amount of RAM are nice. The camera quality is also good with 4G, dual SIM and SD card support.

Well if you upgrading from original A7 2015, it is still a great choice but if you are using 2016 edition, there are just few things. Currently Samsung has reduced the price of S7, which puts it near to the competition. If you have a bit more money to invest, we suggest you to buy the new discounted Galaxy S7.

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