Samsung Galaxy A7 Vs Galaxy A8
Samsung A8 Vs A7

Samsung launched its new Galaxy A8 in India. It is now the slimmest phone of Samsung till this date. It also beats the previous title holder Galaxy A7. This phone is 5.9 mm think whereas A7 is 6.3 mm thick. As A7 and A8 are close we want to show differences and similarities between them in Samsung Galaxy A7 Vs Galaxy A8 battle. The A series is competing with flagship phones with nearly similar specifications.
The A series is a best mid-range lineup with phones having top of the line premium build quality, size, and performance. The best feature of the A series is the metallic build, thin size, unibody design, update, and features. The A5 was better than A3 in comparison. Similarly, the A7 was much better than A5 and now A8 is on the battle line. This is a new phone and it has a higher price.

Therefore we want to shed some light on this. Here we wish to show you the difference in specs and compare them. We also want to show similarities if there are any. To start the comparison lets put all their specs on the table.

Galaxy A7 (2015) vs Galaxy A8 (2015)

Let us begin with a comparison of the core hardware of both phones. It should give very clear ideas of phone mobiles to our readers.

Galaxy A8Galaxy A7
5.7″ SAMOLED Screen5.5″ SAMOLED Screen
1920×1080 FHD Resolution1920×1080 FHD Resolution
Snapdragon 615/ Exynos 5430Snapdragon 615/ Exynos 5430
32 GB Onboard storage16 GB Onboard storage
3050 mAh Battery2600 mAh Battery
16 Megapixel f/1.9 Back camera13 Megapixel f/2.0 Back camera
5 Megapixel f/1.9 Front camera5 Megapixel f/2.2 Front camera
Android 4.4.4 KitKatAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop

These phones have the same Snapdragon 615 SoC that has an octa-core processor. It has a 1.8 and a 1.3 GHz quad-core set. There is another variant of these phones that also comes with one Exynos 5430 which is also octa-core chip with one 1.8 GHz and another 1.3 GHz quad-core set. Memory size is the same for both phones but internal storage is different. A7 comes with 16 GB but A8 has 32 GB storage. Micro SD card support is also different because A8 can take up to 128 GB card while A7 can only take 64 GB card maximum.

New important change is in the camera. These have been upgraded by a lot. The Samsung A8 consists of a 16 MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization and modes like ” Pro Mode”. The front camera is the same 5 MP with a wide-angle lens for better selfie. There is also a 3050 mAh battery and the screen is quite big.


The new A8 and A7 come with Exynos in India and Nepal. Whereas they come to other markets with Snapdragon processor. A8’s battery size is extended by a good percentage.  The new Galaxy A8 has cameras with a wider aperture and higher pixel counts which means better photos all the way. Both phone now runs on Android Lollipop but A8 runs on the latest version so it may get Android M soon. New generations phone tend to get newer updates fast.

The TouchWiz UI is the same as we saw on newer phones. The phone has a lot of good features like Super AMOLED display, octa-core processor, good camera, etc. The most important and new thing is the fingerprint sensor on the home button just like the Galaxy S6. The scanner is quite responsive and fast. This provides better security option to users.

So we have to assess everything considering the price. Above all, these phones have the same processor, the same amount of memory but except that everything is different. In conclusion, the A8 has larger storage capacity, support, big screen, better camera and security options. So there are many improvements in just $80 addition. However, both of these phones are the same but if we have to look at features A8 is much better in all the aspect.


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