Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 CDMA and NTC Bundling Offer
Galaxy Ace 4 CDMA and NTC Bundling Offer

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is now bundling Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 in an offer. This phone is not an ordinary GSM model with HSDPA support. Rather it is a handset that supports both GSM and CDMA card. That means both the SIM card and RUIM card can be used. As it is a dual SIM handset so it is more flexible. Galaxy Ace 4 is specially targeted for users in Nepal who live in places that have network problems. Use of both cards can help in a situation where one network doesn’t work but another one does.

GSM network doesn’t have wide coverage in whole Nepal. In places where there is a problem of network, there is NTC CDMA. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) has a bit good coverage in rural areas. The user base in such rural areas is actually high. Most people who use RUIM card in feature phones. Galaxy Ace 4 is the smartphone that is trying to replace the feature phones and provide more feature to users.

The Ace 4 is a new model in the old Galaxy Ace family. GSM model was released in August 2014 but CDMA model just came out. NTC is working with IMS and Samsung Nepal to provide this offer. Nepal Telecom is bundling the new Galaxy Ace 4 and NT CDMA RUIM card at Rs 11,490. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find CDMA smartphones in the market. Nepal Telecom is working to improve its GSM network, 3G coverage and also working on 4G initiation. However, there are areas with network issues and for them, these phones work great.

Specifications and Hardware

The smartphone is a powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset with 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor. It has a total 4GB of internal storage and it supports 64 GB SD card as well The RAM is 512 MB and it is a basic amount of memory to have in Android phone these days. In terms of screen, we have a 4” WVGA screen.

This handset has a 3.1 MP back camera capable of recording videos at 640X480. The front camera is at 0.3 MP and it can do very basic video calls. The device also has WiFi Direct, WiFi hotspot feature, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and Accelerometer. It has a 1500 mAh battery just like the normal GSM version. The battery size is small but it can give one day life for 4″ screen.

The battery is only 1500 mAh which is pretty disappointing because even Galaxy Y had 1200 mAh battery. Galaxy Ace 4 has double processor power, bigger screen, dual SIM support and just has a slightly bigger battery. The display is quite good and the camera is standard for the specification. For GSM there is 3G so we can always use faster internet if we remain in the faster spectrum.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 CDMA Models
Galaxy Ace 4 Models

Bundling Offer

This is a special type of phone and most popular brands don’t manufacture such models now. If you really need a device that supports both CMDA and GSM at the same time then this is a good budget choice. NTC is offering a package of Rs 3900 free in bundling. This includes a free RUIM Card worth Rs 200. On top users get free talk time of Rs 100 and Data Card worth Rs 3600(Rs 300 x 12 Months= Rs 3600). If we see from the point of network profit, there is a lot of value.

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To claim a free RUIM Card, customers need a passport size photo and copy of official identity card. This includes a photocopy of Citizenship, Passport or License. Customers need to fill the required form to get a new card and activate it. To activate RUIM Card and data plan dial 1415 and follow the instructions. Also to know more about free data send SMS to 1415 by typing FR in the message.

The phone could have been great with the front camera, bigger RAM and battery. There is  Galaxy Core Prime which comes around the same price and offers a lot more. However Core Prime is a GSM phone but if the network is not an issue we would recommend Core Prime at this budget.



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