Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro vs C7 Pro vs C5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro vs C7 Pro vs C5 Pro

Samsung launched the Galaxy C series phones in China last year. They came with really good high quality build, slim design and lots of power. The first phones were head to head in specifications to company’s flagship. This year, we are getting new revision of the series with Galaxy C9 Pro, C7 and C5 Pro. Unlike last year, these new beasts are coming to more selected countries.

Galaxy C series was actually meant only for China. These phones come with some special features that were meant for Chinese demographics but they attracted everyone. In our latest Samsung Bloggers Meet 2017, we were briefed that C series are coming to selected countries due to very high demand.

These countries include Nepal, India, China and few more. Special features includes big screen, loud speakers, higher RAM and storage. Its funny but these things actually make all phones better. Screen size is always the choice of users though. We are testing C9 Pro and it is very slim yet powerful with really good speakers.

Lets start the comparison of new warriors by clashing the big ones first. Galaxy C9 Pro vs Galaxy C7 Pro are in first two tables. Last table is of smaller brother C5.

Galaxy C9 Pro Galaxy C7 Pro Galaxy C5 Pro
Snapdragon 653 Chipset Snapdragon 626 Chipset Snapdragon 656 Chipset
Octacore processor (1.95GHz QC + 1.4 GHz QC) 2.2 GHz Octacore Processor 2.2 GHz Octacore Processor
Adreno 510 GPU Adreno 506 Graphics Adreno 506 GPU
64 GB Internal Storage 64 GB On-board Storage 64 GB Internal SMemory
6” Super AMOLED 1080p screen 5.7” 1080 SAMOLED 5.2” SAMOLED 1080P
4000 mAh Battery 3300 mAh Battery 2600 mAh Battery
16 MP f/1.9 Back+Front Camera 16 MP f/1.9 Camera both sides 16 MP f/1.9 Sensors at all sides


You guys can distinctly see the emphasis on power. These phones have powerful processor, enough RAM, bigger storage capacity and superb camera. There are 16 Megapixel shooters on both sides. Main camera of back has dual tome LED but we are disappointed by not finding 4K recording facility. They capture very high-grade selfies, pictures and videos. Burst mode is also fantastic and stable.


Samsung keeps such features like RAW photography, Slow Motion and Ultra HD recording support for flagship models only. Battery size and life in C9 Pro is amazing in paper and experience. However there is gradual decrease in battery size down the line. C7 Pro is a big phone but still hosts a slightly smaller battery than S7 Edge.

Summary and Impression

We know that it is to maintain size and design. Android Marshmallow, new power saving features help to extend the battery life a lot. Our best parts are active fingerprint scanner, Always On Display (AOD) and Speaker. These phones have the best solution which should be applied to all of their phones.

Music and other sounds play through bottom main speaker as well as call speaker at top in C series phones. It really helps to make the sound loud and more pleasing because of stereo effect. We urge them to get this feature in all new phones in future. These phones have almost all features which anyone might need.

They do come in a premium price tag because of the finish, quality and features. We give these phone a big thumbs up and recommend it for buying. But you can also save more and but flagship premium like Galaxy S7 or S8.


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