Galxy J series VS On Series
Galxy J series VS On Series

The Galaxy J series sold in Indian market at first like hot cakes and is now trending in Nepal but after the introduction of Samsung Galaxy On series to the market, consumers are attracted towards it. The launch of this new series proved that Samsung can and will make budget products with great specs. The price range of the phones in the series are very similar and the specs are also a bit matching. As the range is same many people are confused in the decision, so we are here to help with Samsung Galaxy J Series vs Galaxy On Series.

The Galaxy J series consists of Galaxy J1, J2, J1 Ace, J5 and J7 while the On series which is named after the generation that is always “on” consists of only Galaxy On5 and On7. As for the market competition and users request we will do comparison between the 5 & 7 model phones. They both represent similar category, size and even specs. For design we choose On series J series due to the simple rectangular form factor which people love more. Galaxy J replaced the E series from Nepali market and is doing in many other, find the comparison between Galaxy E series vs J series.

Samsung Galaxy J5 vs Galaxy On5: At first lets see the how the battle between Samsung Galaxy J5 vs Galaxy On5 goes. These both are 5 inch screened phone with dual SIM support. We shall compare their specification in table for easier comparison.

Properties Galaxy J5 Galaxy On5
Processor 1.2 GHz Quadcore (Exynos) 1.3 GHz Quadcore (Snapdragon)
Display 720p SuperAMOLED 720p TFT LCD
Camera 13MP Back/5MP Front 8MP Back/5MP Front
Battery 2600 mAh 2600 mAh
RAM 1.5 GB 1.5 GB

Looking a the specs they are very much same but in terms of camera and display, J5 wins On5 due to 13 MP camera over 8MP and AMOLED screens. Samsung has been placing SuperAMOLED in budget phones like Galaxy J2 as well. Both the phones support 4G SIM cards and 3G spectrum.


Galaxy J5 vs On5
Galaxy J5 vs On5

The major thing comes at economy and price of Samsung Galaxy J5 in Nepal is Rs 19500, Rs 12300 in India or $195 internationally where as the Galaxy On5 costs Rs 8990 in India $140. This price difference of $40 makes a lot of change for people with budget. Both the phones have brilliant battery life, data and power saving ability, removable battery, support up to 128 GB of external SD card. If you have no problem over the camera and want to get a phone $50 cheaper Galaxy On5 is the best choice.

Samsung Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy On7: These both models fall under phablet region due to the 5.5” screen size. The phones are huge and mostly need both hands for perfect and full screen use. Such big display are great for consuming HD contents like pictures, videos, movies and games. Reading eBooks on these handsets is also easy due to big screen thus resulting clear and huge fonts, which reduces stress on eyes. Lets compare the specs of both mobiles in table to make it easier.

Properties Galaxy J7 Galaxy On7
Processor 1.5 GHz Octa Core (Exynos) 1.2 GHz Quad Core (Snapdragon)
RAM 1.5 GB 1.5 GB
Battery 3000 mAh 3000 mAh
Misplay 720p SuperAMOLED 720p TFT LCD
Camera 13 MP Back/ 5 MP Front 13 MP Back/ 5 MP Front

All the phone above mentioned have 8 GB internal memory and do support external memory cards up-to 128 GB so equal points on memory. In this position for J7 and On7 we do have 4G, 3G network support. Both models have same battery size which means amount of input power is same but in J7 there is octa core processor but in On7 we have Quad core processor. In next case, the AMOLED screen of J7 provides sharp, detailed visuals and also save a lot of power compared to On7 LCD. The camera are of equal power also the OS is 5.1.1 in all devices with almost same new TouchWIZ with upgraded camera option and function. Picture quality, shutter speed is similar in both phones.

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The price of Samsung Galaxy J7 in Nepal is Rs 21800, IC Rs 15500 or $248 internationally while the price of Galaxy On7 in India is Rs 10990 or $109. If you want a powerful octa core phone with brilliant display, good camera then J7 is great phone but for many people this huge price gap creates a lot of meaning so in our view On7 at the price is best option.

Samsung has done some trimming but it is their best phone at that price range also it is the best replacement for Galaxy Grand Prime. If you don’t want AMOLED screen and don’t care about processor that much (actually processor will save a lot of power) then Galaxy On7 is best option.

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