Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) vs J2 (2016) vs J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 vs J2 2016 vs J2 Prime

Samsung revises it phones each year as usual. They don’t bring new names or models that much. Instead we get updated and revised products of same mature series. Galaxy J series is one example which has lots of phones. They start at entry level and end at mid range. Samsung Galaxy J1, J2, J3 are example of budget range phones. This year we got new J2 2017 which is successor of J2 2016. There are lots of phones each year but older ones are also available. This is why we are comparing both of them with older J2 Prime to help you guys.

Galaxy J2 is one of the most popular entry level phones in all of the market. While buying a phone we suggest to at-least have a somewhat good phone that provides good experience even to learn and enjoy. You don’t get all the features in this budget because hardware costs money. Samsung is doing well to ensure people get best for what they for.

It is for sure the company charges a bit premium on their phones. There are many other smartphones at same price but Samsung does what it does and needs. Well keeping everything aside, lets start by comparing all the handsets in table. Lets compare all there Galaxy J2 Prime vs J2 2017 VS J2 2016.

J2 (2017) J2 (2016) J2 Prime
Exynos 3475 Chipset Spreadtrum SC8830 Mediatek MT6737T
1.3 GHz Quad core processor 1.5 GHz Quad core 1.4 GHz Quad core
1 GB RAM 1.5 GB RAM 1.5 GB RAM
2000 mAh battery 2600 mAh battery 2600 mAh battery
4.7” Super AMOLED Panel 5” SAMOLED Display 5” PLS TFT Screen
8 GB Internal Storage 8 GB Onboard memory 8 GB Internal Space
5 MP Front/ 2 MP Back Camera 8 MP Front/ 5 MP Rear Camera 8 MP Front/ 5 MP Back Shooter


This time we are really amazed to see this comparison. Galaxy J2 2016 has 720p AMOLED screen which is very nice in such phone. But both Prime and J2 2017 has resolution of 540×960. The only omprovement over prime on both phones is use of AMOLED screen.

In J2 2017 we actually see lots of downgrades. This includes lesser RAM, less pixel camera and smaller battery. It is a very bad sign in the industry. Rather than improving products each year we saw a very shameful decrease of specs. They used Exynos chipset which is nice but other things are worrying.

The RAM is now 1 GB from 1.5 GB and battery size is just 2000 mAh from 2600 mAh. In camera section also, front camera got to 2 MP from 5 MP and back camera got from 8 to 5 MP. Assessing everything, we sadly don’t recommend J2 2017 at all. We advice you to get the Galaxy J2 2016 if you are in this budget.


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