Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Review, Impression, Benchmarks

With constant polishing and innovation, Samsung is improving its flagship. Galaxy S8 is the result of their innovation and people’s hunger to have more. They are regularly hearing customers voice to improve their phone. The Galaxy S8 is one gorgeous masterpiece, we reviewed it and here is our thought.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is not a cheap phone my any means. It is a flagship phone from a branded company. They do charge a premium on their devices. So real question is, if the investment is worth it or not. Few days ago we published a photo on Facebook asking what they want to know about the S8.

This article is going to have all those answers and our thoughts. Our experts tested all the aspects they could in the review period. We got a review unit from the company, so the performance on retail unit will be better than this.

Design: First thing, anyone looks is design. Galaxy S8 carries the genes from its predecessors. Starting from the S6 Edge, curved screen is being improved each time. This time, we get a longer screen at 18.5:9 aspect ratio. It is a sAMOLED display with WQHD+ resolution (2960X1440).

The screen and curved back meet the side rail seamlessly. It is hard to figure out which is back and front when inside the pocket. Whole phone is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 but small sand particles will cause scratch. We suggest to use Tempered Glass and Back cover. For us functionality remains above looks.

S8 is now slimmer and easier to hold. It doesn’t feel as sharp as S7 Edge. We really liked the design modification. The physical home button and navigation buttons are removed. This gives space for more screen real estate.

Specs and Performance: Power is what defines a flagship phone. There are no compromises in the spec as well. S8 uses Snapdragon 835 in US and Exynos 8895 chipset in rest of the world. They have octa core processor and 4 GB RAM. Internal storage is now double, that is 64 GB. Chinese customers are getting 6 GB RAM and 128 GB variant though.

Under the beautiful display, we get 3000 mAh battery. It is now running Android Nougat with Samsung Experience 8.1 UI. The performance of the phone is amazing as expected. App open time, multi tasking, multi-window work are all amazing. The taller aspect ratio is fruitful for multi-window work. We did some benchmark tests and the results were amazing.

Galaxy S8 Benchmark
Galaxy S8 Benchmark

 Camera: Samsung is always on their A game for camera quality. They are confident with the S7’s quality though. The back camera is still same 12 MP f.1.7 sensor but the front is now 8 MP f/1.7 sensor. Software processing is now improved for camera. It does produce slightly better results than S7’s camera.

Major specs of camera is same but the sensor is new Sony IMX sensor actually. Most users wont find much difference in photo and video quality of previous and this generation Galaxy S. The video recording quality is great with 4K, 1080p, OIS feature and many more. Camera is fast and detailed enough for pleasing results.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Sample
Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Sample

 Software and Features: Software is getting smoother and lighter with company’s newer generation phones. We are enjoying the new features very much. The settings, menu are more simpler. Functions are tucked inside the menu intelligently. AOD, edge features are some of our favorite new ones.

We always enjoy inbuilt Blue Light Filter, Direct Call feature and power saving modes. Even though the battery is only 3000 mAh, we got over 6 hours of screen on time. Gaming is also amazing with no lags and stutter. There is no complaint of heating issue so far.

Iris Scanner and Bixby: Iris scanner is back from Galaxy Note 7. It is ferociously faster than expected. It works flawlessly in dark room, or any situation except direct sunlight. For that we use fingerprint scanner. In our use, we found Iris scanner adapting the users Irises very well. There was no lag and if users places phone in correct position, unlock happens instantly. Our best combo was using triple security set. Iris scanner for all type use, fingerprint scanner for sunlight and finally PIN as basic.

Bixby is Samsung’s new digital assistant with dedicated button on left. It works well, as it learns user behaviors, pattern and consumption type. Bixby started learning my wake up and sleep time very fast. The Bixby vision is also great, it can match products, objects but it is not ready yet. It is not as ripe as it is in USA or South Korea. We thing, it needs more polishing and practice in all regions including Nepal.


Final Impressions

In our review, the performance was flawless in all aspect. Sound, camera, gaming, multi-tasking works wonderfull. There are few things that bothers us though. Fingerprint scanner placement causes lots of smudges on camera when trying to unlock the phone. Galaxy S8 has newer aspect ratio instead of 16:9. The videos, apps and contents are not ready yet. It  may take some time to digest the black bars in the screen for some users.

Overall, our experience was pleasing and as expected. Samsung never misses to impress with their flagship smartphone. We are happy and ready to make it our new daily driver. We hope Samsung fixes some leftovers and bring a new beast again next year. Note 8 is expected to fulfill all our desires of a complete flagship. Lets wait and watch. What do you guys think, tell us in the comment below.

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