Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs Galaxy Book 10.6

Samsung’s flagship tablet Tab S3 is out now but a new family member is also introduced. Galaxy Book is a new breed by this tech giant. It is quite different from normal Samsung tablets. Both are high-end and powerful but there are some basic difference as we are going to talk about them.

Tab S3 is a 9.7” tablet which costs $599 in US while the Galaxy Book costs a bit higher. Both are targeted to different levels of users. Many manufacturers, sellers and data shows that the consumption of tablet is decreasing. It is all due to its refresh period, innovative saturation and increase of phone size.

There are actually two versions of Galaxy Book, one is 10.6” while another is 12”. These are big devices and they compete with Microsoft Surface while Tab S3 is fighting against Apple iPad Pro. This article is meant to put light on the affordable and smallest of them. So here are the specs of Galaxy Book 10.6 vs Tab S3.

Snapdragon 820 SoC Intel Core m3 7th Gen
Quad Core processor (2.15+1.6) GHz Dual Core processor (2.6 Ghz)
Adreno 530 GPU Intel HD Graphics
32 GB Internal memory 64 GB or 128 GB Options
SD Card (Max 256 GB) SD Card (Max 256 GB)
9.7” SAMOLED QXGA resolution 10.6” 1080p SAMOLED
6000 mAh battery 30.4 Watts Battery
Android 7.0 Windows 10 OS


Both of these are totally different species and meant for different users. They run whole different hardware and ecosystem. Both of these support S pen or stylus and provides great productivity. Buying keyboard separately is a bit expensive for customers. The price of Tab S3 matches iPad Pro while Galaxy Book is here to compete for Surface.

Tab S3 is fairly new device but it only has 32 GB internal storage. Wee we can use external SD card but 64 GB should have been standard on such devices. The processor, GPU and RAM and very good and battery size is excellent for 9.7” display. Users can enjoy lots of power for multitasking and creative work and get entertained in parallel.



Keyboard enhances the experience and maximizes work productivity but it is quite expensive. If Samsung bundles it for free, there is huge niche market. Galaxy Book has speakers from AKG ans it is thin and light considering its size and hardware. Galaxy S8 is also including new AKG headphones with each box.

We are getting a solid performance with new 7th generation Kaby Lake processor and great display with added functionalities. Where as Tab S3 is packing similar features but on a different level for different consumers.In our view, Samsung Galaxy Book is for business users and maybe students but Tab S3 is for casual use and more entertainment.

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