Samsung Mobile Dashain Offer: Discounts, Deals

Samsung Mobile Price for Dashain Tihar 2073 in Nepal

Samsung Nepal has revised the price of their smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for Dashain festival. Since a few years, festival is becoming a season to buy electronics. Companies also take this good opportunity to expand their market. Just after the Samsung Dashain 2016 offer: Harek Din Lakhpati, they have reduced price of many mobile phones. This is the latest Revised Samsung Mobile price for Dashain 2073.

The company also launched Samsung Z2 in the market after J2 2016. Brand new Galaxy Note 7 is expected to launched before Dashain. People can also participate in another program after buying a new mobile. Customers can win many gadgets including Rs 1 lakh. The another scheme is valid only until Aswin 20. 40 lucky winners will win Rs 100000 daily each. 

The updated price list is given below. You can check and compare from last year’s list also.



  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab E – Rs 25990
  2. Galaxy J Max – Ra 21900
  3. Tab 3 V – Rs 14900

Flagship Smartphones

  1. Galaxy Note 5 – Rs 76900
  2. S7 Edge – Rs 76900 (After cashback on 88900)
  3. Galaxy S7 – Rs 65900 (Cashback on Rs 77900)

Mid Range phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 – Rs 45900
  2. A5 2016 – Rs 37900

Budget and Entry level

  1. Galaxy J7 2016 – Rs 26490
  2. J7 2015 – Rs 21900
  3. J5 2016 – Rs 23490
  4. J5 2015 – Rs 17900
  5. J2 2016 – Rs 15900
  6. J2 2015 – Rs 11990

Basic phones

  1.  J1 Ace – Rs 9390
  2. Galaxy Z2 – Rs 7290


  1. Samsung Gear S2 Platinum – Rs 49900
  2. Gear S2 Classic- Rs 34900
  3. Gear S2 – Rs 29900

There are still many great smartphones in the market whose price hasn’t been revised. Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, S5 and Note 4 are still really great options. They have good power, design plus they are offered at very lower price.

Some Old Phones that are still great

  1. Galaxy Note 4, Note 3
  2. S5, A8
  3. A5, A7 2015

It is still profitable to invest in old phones as long as they have good specs and fulfill the needs.


People also like to buy Laptops, computers and TV sets during this festival season. Many people ask for our recommendation for buying new mobile devices. They ask us “Which is the best mobile phone to buy and what is the price?” Our reply is always same for everyone. We always recommend to buy the flagship phone only if they can afford.

Then we send people to mid range gadgets if they want features of good flagship at cheap price. People who are on budget can buy budget or entry level phones to fulfill their need. Galaxy Core and Grand prime are still great options in the market.

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