Samsung Nepal Monsoon 2074 Offer
Samsung Nepal Monsoon 2074 Offer

Samsung Nepal is hosting Monsoon Splash offers this season. This is seasonal offer of 2074. There are discounts on selected Mid range smartphones. They just held New Year 2074 Sa-Car offer in Nepal. Samsung India also organized Carnival on Amazon and Flipkart few weeks back. After this season offer, next upcoming is Dashain 2074 offer.

Discount and offers are best opportunities to buy new smartphones anywhere. Consumers need to pay attention about the device only. How old it is, what specs does it have and future software updates. If all things are great, people should buy the phone. Our saying is that, always buy what you can afford.

Samsung Nepal’s Monsoon Splash offer 2074 has four phones in total. Their new price are as following.

  1. Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro     – Rs 49,990
  2. Galaxy A7 2017 – Rs 42,490
  3. A7 2016 – Rs 33,900
  4. Galaxy A5 2016 – Rs 25,990

These are some popular mid range phones in the global market. C9 Pro got a price cut of Rs 10,000 actually while others also got substantial drop. Highest price drop occurred for A7 2017 which is Rs 12,410. There is price cut of Rs 5910 on A7 2016 and A5 2016 got cut of Rs 6910.

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View and Suggestion

Currently these deals are pretty great. If you were planning to buy any of these phones, it is time to drop the hammer. All phones are getting huge discounts. In our current view, A7 2017 and A5 2016 are best deals. They have perfect price drop for the market.


Galaxy A7 2017 is top mid range phone with features similar to S7. It has IP68 rating, octa-core processor, AMOLED screen and nice camera. A5 2016 also has premium build quality, great display and very good camera. A5 2016 is very good option for premium looking phone at Rs 25,990.

The Galaxy C9 Pro is nearly a flagship phone. It has 6 GB RAM, huge display, slim body and enormous battery. It is meant for people who want big screen, entertainment and media consumption. Our suggestion is, choose the best phone in your budget and go for it.


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