Samsung Shuva Bada Dashain 2076 Offer
Shuva Bada Dashain 2076 Offer

As Dashain has arrived, companies have started their new festival schemes. Samsung Nepal already has “Samsung Aaayo Khusi Chhayo” offer in the consumer electronics segment. They are giving discounts and offers on the CE items. Now they have new Shuva Bada Dashain 2076 scheme. This is mainly for the smartphone market and Samsung has dropped the price of their popular smartphones for this. They are giving discounts in S series and A series of phones mainly. Samsung Nepal Shuva Bada Dashain 2076 offer also has cashback offers.

Unlike previous years where discounts were given in phones that are not doing well, Samsung is giving discounts on phones that are in high demand. This includes latest A series phones such as Galaxy A30, A50, A70 and M40. They are also giving discounts on flagship phones such as Galaxy S10+ and S10. The company has already revised the price of all existing and new Samsung smartphones. Already there are new M series and A series refresh in the market like Galaxy M30s and A10s. We have heard that new models are coming soon after Dashain.

There are different levels of price drops. We can take them as a discount because all we customers care about is getting good products in cheap. The method or way doesn’t matter to us. Whether it is direct discount or cashback. All we care is getting phones in cheap. This is beneficial to everyone and as companies are giving discounts on festivals, we highly encourage you to look into the market right now, if you need a new phone.

Latest Dashain 2076 Festival Samsung Mobile Prices

As of now, there are few phones in the list that have got the price drop. These phones are as follows.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (512 GB)Rs 1,35,900
Galaxy S10+ (128 GB) Rs 1,05,900
Galaxy Note 9Rs 99,900
Galaxy S10Rs 84,900
Galaxy A80Rs 64,990
Galaxy A70Rs 42,890
Galaxy A50 Rs 29,490
Galaxy A30 Rs 24,890
Galaxy M40Rs 29,990

These are the new discounted price of these mobile phones. In the Galaxy S10+ (512 GB variant), Samsung is providing a discount of Rs 18,600 and in case of 128 GB model, there is a discount of Rs 17,600. These can be compared in the article with the MRP list given above. For the regular S10 there is Rs 17,000 discount on previous MRP. Note 10 is already in market thus the Note 9 is now available at lower price of Rs 99,900, Well it is not as cheap as deal in Amazon India Sale but this is what we get.

The most unique Galaxy A80 is now Rs 15,000 cheaper in this offer. Saimilarly in the case of Galaxy A30, there is Rs 1,100 drop. Similarly, in the case of Galaxy A70 there is Rs 5,100 drop and in the case of A50 there is 2,000 drop. Galaxy M40 is also getting the discount treatment with Rs 6,200 drop. These are significant amount of discount and these are simply great.


Purchase Advice and Discount Analysis

Mostly we are getting discounts in mid range and flagship smartphones right now. There are no entry level and budget range mobiles here. Well there are good options in the market but Samsung is not giving discounts in lower-end models right now. So after looking the new new price and assessing the drop amount, we are very impressed. The high end phones like Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 are receiving cuts as much as Rs 17,000. That is huge amount and it makes them really good deal. Considering that S10 is coming at Rs 84,900, we are delighted to recommend this phone to anyone who is in this budget. Anyonw who wants a Note should definitely get Galaxy Note 9 at cheaper price.

Other mobiles such as Galaxy M40 and A70 are also getting very good discounts. They are getting more than Rs 5,000 chopped from their MRP tag. This is significant amount and can have great effect in someones budget and expenditure. Similarly A30 and A50 are also in good position because they are also slightly cheaper. Even though the price cut is small, it is important because we value money. Small saving is always path to larger savings.

Therefore for anyone who wants to purchase a flagship device that gives the best value for money, we want to recommend the Galaxy S10. If you want a bigger flagship device with additional money then S10+ 128 GB model is the way to go. But if you are a customer who wants a mid-range phone with all good features and power then we recommend Galaxy A70 or A50.


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