Samsung Nepal Valentine Cashback Offer 2019: Big Discounts

Samsung Nepal Valentine Cashback offer 2019

February is here and Valentines day is also coming nearer. Targeting this occasion, Samsung is doing another cashback offer. Since 3 months they are on frenzy with the offers. They had Winter Festive Delight, January Big saving offer and now we have Valentine scheme. Samsung Nepal Valentine cashback offer 2019 includes discounts on selected phones. Altogether there are 11 mobiles in the offer.

There are very good discounts and we see them as substantial price cuts. This may be a Valentine targeted offer but what do we or consumers care. All we want is cheaper smartphones and better deal. Many couples gift each other with presents and mobiles are very common. So this scheme can be a great time to purchase for anyone. Samsung is giving discounts or cashback on all phone from flagship to entry level. This is also showing that they are preparing for the new upcoming Galaxy M, A and S series phones.

The new price of Samsung mobile phones in this Valentine cashback offer are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ (128 GB)Rs 92,900
Galaxy S9+ (64 GB)Rs 87,900
Galaxy A9Rs 53,990
Samsung Galaxy A7Rs 33,990
Samsung Galaxy A6+Rs 30,490
Galaxy A6Rs 24,490
Galaxy J8Rs 27,390
Samsung Galaxy J6+Rs 23,290
Samsung Galaxy J4+Rs 15,990
Galaxy J4Rs 14,490
Galaxy J2 2018Rs 13,190
Samsung Galaxy J2 CoreRs 10,490

Discount Amount and Savings

Even though it is called cashback, it is basically discount and price drop. However, consumers benefit because they get devices at cheap. There are substantial price cuts in many phones. For example, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is now Rs 12,000 cheaper than its older MRP. Both 128 GB and 64 GB models are now getting same treatment. Now only Note 9 is over the 1 Lakh price tag. The Galaxy S9+ is one of the best smartphone to purchase in 2019.

The very famous Galaxy A9 with 4 cameras at back is also getting Rs 6,400 shaved off from its older 60,390 price tag. Another very popular Galaxy A7 2018 which has 3 rear camera is also getting Rs 7000 chopped off from 40,990 price tag. Both of these were one of the first phones from Samsung. There were no mobiles with triple or quad cameras from this company.

Samsung Galaxy A6+ and Galaxy A6 are getting the highest price cut among all of the phones. There is Rs 15,400 cashback on the A6 while there is Rs 13,900 discount with A6+. In case of the J8, there is opportunity to save Rs 2,600. Also in the case of J6+, there is price drop of Rs 2,000. The Galaxy J4+ is now getting Rs 2,900 reduction from its MRP. We want to point that both J4+ and J6+ just have quad core processor so it would be better to turn for other options. The Samsung Galaxy J4 is now Rs 1,000 cheaper. J2 2018 is on Rs 1,100 discount and the older J2 Core is also giving 1,200 saving.

Choice and purchase advice

These are amazing price drops and the phones are much cheaper and in very sensible price range. Now we can recommend these phones more to the people because of reasonable pricing. Both Galaxy J4+ and J6+ got price reduction but they have quad core processors so we suggest you to look for other options.


We are very happy to see the reduction of price of the Galaxy S9+, A6+ and A6. The price drops are very much noticeable and can attract a lot of people. We know that Galaxy S10 is coming to Nepal very soon and they must be preparing for it as well. Also Samsung is preparing to launch new 2019 A series phones. We also did review of M20 and M10 which are the new budget range phones. Those are meant to change the current budget segment scenario. By seeing the new pricing, we are happy and we see that it is a good time to pick the phones you like from this list.

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