Second Generation Android One VS First Generation

Second Generation Android One VS First Generation

Google just launched the new Second generation Android One update after one year. Lava Pixel V1 is one of the new Second gen Android One phone. This program is for the budget-oriented phones. Such phones with stock Android are made by selected OEM for countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc. The price range of this device starts from around $110 for 1st gen and now it is $200 for the 2nd gen. With the price, new phones have taken some big leaps. This new generation is also being called Android One 2.0. Therefore, to show differences and similarities we have written this article on second generation Android One VS First Generation.

Android One is the project of Google to provide smartphone technology to the masses. Pricing is the key element in this environment The first gen phones were made by Karbonn, Micromax, etc. All these phones had similar specs, design and pretty much everything. This year only one company has launched the new Android One phone. Lava is the first company to launch it with its Pixel V1. This new phone has been improved a lot.

Android is a very popular operating system worldwide. Almost all smartphones use it except Apple products. It is open source and everyone loves it for its flexibility. Last year Karbonn Sparkle V was launched with Android One. This year Lava Pixel V1 was launched. These are the phones of two different generations. So these represent changes in technology and leap of generation. Therefore let us see the differences and similarities between these two devices.

Lava Pixel V1 vs Karbonn Sparkle V

The V1 is second gen and Sparkle V is first gen Android One phone. These represent their respective generations. So we are comparing them to show what changed.

Sparkle V Pixel V1
Mediatek MT6582 SoCMediaTek MT6582 SoC
4 GB Internal Storage32 GB Internal Storage
1700 mAh battery2560 mAh battery
4.5″ IPS LCD Screen5.5″ IPS LCD Screen
480×584 FWVGA resolution720×1280 HD resolution
5 Megapixel Rear camera8 Megapixel Rear camera
2 Megapixel front camera5 Megapixel front camera
Android 4.4.4 KitKatAndroid 5.1 Lollipop

Here we can see that the new phone is also using the same Mediatek processor. It is a quad-core processor with 1.3 GHz maximum frequency. Except that there are improvements in everything. Memory is double at 2 GB. Storage is more than four times. Battery size is also bigger. The screen is also very big with HD resolution. Getting HD resolution means a lot at the budget segment. Cameras on both sides are much better in the new generation. All this looks good but we have to consider the almost double price.

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The launch price of the new Lava phone is very high compared to the previous year. We can say that all this is the cost of upgrades. The main point of this Android One is to give the best software support, experience to budget range phones. Raising standards is great but raising the price isn’t. One great thing about buying the new one is the operating system. Last years Karbonn phone came with KitKat so we can say that it can get updates up to Android 6. But with Lava phone, it should go to Android 7. New gen phones should get an additional update for 1 year.

Benefits of the new generation

Our comparison of Second Generation Android One VS First Generation Android One phones shows that people get a lot of benefits with a new one. People get a big screen with higher resolution, they also get a bigger battery which means a good screen on time. Similarly, cameras are also better and there is a new OS. We are no way telling you to upgrade if you bought a phone of last gen. We know that the new phone is expensive. But this shows how a good phone has improved with one generation. Actually, the manufacturers could have gone with newer processor though.

But if you need a new phone at an affordable price. Plus stock Android with regular updates is your wish. Then we definitely suggest you have a look at these phones. Google is doing a pretty good job with their Android One program and whole software ecosystem. There is definitely a good benefit while going with the new generation. Now we wish to see bigger manufacturers join the race. This way we can get high-quality phones with better build and specs with the best software.



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