E books side effects
E books side effects

A latest research of doctors of Harvard Medical School concluded that reading eBook before sleeping at night is harmful. The research was done with two groups, one read the normal book before sleep and another used eBook. The result showed bad impacts or side effects of reading eBooks on sleep cycle and ultimately health. The research consisted of 12 subjects for two weeks. They studies normal book for 5 days before sleeping and they read eBook using an iPad before sleeping. The blood sample was tested regularly and the results were not on side of eBooks. The people who used eBook had trouble getting sleep and also felt laziness in morning. This showed that the eBooks affected the sleep cycle.

Our body find the difference in time by light. Our biological clock is adjusted that way. The light from eBook, Tablets, Mobiles and computers gives artificial light to our senses which lowers the production of Melatonin. Melatonin is basically the hormone required to put us in sleep.

Thus due to lack of Melatonin the body can’t get into sleep cycle. So the person has to trouble getting sleep and as the sleep cycle and tie is disturbed the person can’t get quality sleep due to disturbed routine and makes the subject feel lazy in the morning. The traditional books have no such side effects.

The research is not against eBooks or iPad here, it just suggests side effects of eBooks at night and also using electronics too much before sleep is harmful. Not only eBooks using computer till late night will also affect sleep and health same way. Once a sleep routine and the biological clock is altered it is a bit hard to reset it and bring it to normal.


The internet use graph from ISP shows that highest data consumption is at day from office but is highest at home at night which means people use more electronic or gadgets at night like smartphones, tablets, eBook readers and computer. So reduce the use of electronics at night but don’t stop reading. Be classy and read regular books at night

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