Spinal Cord Implant
Spinal Cord Implant

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is dangerous and it can make people’s life miserable by making them paralyzed. The spinal cord in the back bone is one of most delicate part of our body. It’s main function is to transfer all electrical signal and chemical to our other body parts and back to brain. The spinal cord is directly associated to limb movements thus an accident causing spinal could cause paralysis. Scientists have been trying to fix the cord and trying to replace it but have seen rejection after long time , scar and inflammation.

The French scientists of EPFL(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and NCCR Robotics have developed a new implant named e-Dura. The Dura matter is actually the protective layer of spinal cord and hence this one is electronic thus e-Dura. The experiments were conducted on rats with spinal injury. After having this implant they were able to move with some weeks therapy. This was a huge success because past experiments showed rejections. This new implant can carry electrical impulse and even drugs. The material is flexible and will last for 10 years according to scientists.

e-Dura is made up of Silicon with gold tracks for electrical conduction with platinum and silicon electrodes. There is another channel for drug and chemical flow. This implant is directly placed over spinal cord. The silicon and gold gives the device great elasticity and flexibility. The human trials are yet to be done. As the experiments showed positive result in rats with SCI, they scientists also assume that it can help for other disease like Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Older experiments and products showed negative and bad result which includes inflammation, damage etc to spinal cord due to friction and less flexibility. This is synergy products that can work with our natural biological organ in harmony and give paralyzed people movement ability back. This will be a new cyborg or bionic type of implant to artificially aid human body.


This device is the most advanced, elegant and most useful thing invented till now because paralysis is a very serious problem and e-Dura has shown hope to fix this. The prototypes will be out soon and human trials will also be done soon. Till today no other devices or implants passed the match test because they showed irritation with spinal cord and were rejected sooner or later. Every science magazine, journal and lovers are calling it “Groundbreaking” and from our perspective it is “Cool” and could be a blessing for humanity.

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