Storage Capacity of Brain-Total Memory
Storage Capacity of Brain-Total Memory

When someone asks you what is the fastest thing in the universe. You might answer light, rocket etc. But many people would say “Imagination”. We are the most powerful supercomputers in the whole universe. Our brain thinks and imagines at the speed where nothing has ever reached. This time I am going to tell you about some new research that has been done to know the power of human brain and body.

The brain is called the processor and the storage of our computing system. This is an interesting and fascinating organ of our body. Some research and some study have found out some interesting news and facts that might really interest you. A fully developed human brain can store about 2.5 Petabytes of data. That is enough to store over 300 years of conscious data for us.

Well that’s enough for a human to get plenty knowledge to be more than Einstein. As we know our body can perform several tasks at ounce and some tasks are in progress without our notice also so it i clear that our body and mind is a very powerful computer with superb ability of parallel processing and multitasking as wall. A recent research also showed that a chromosome of a human body carries about 75 MB of data.

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2.5 Petabytes is not a dream level storage. Many servers have petabytes of storage in their disposal. But in a view if we see it for human, that is a lot of storage. Irony is that we are still unable to harness its power and make it work exactly we want it. Many of us may be imagining, how easy it would be to just save all the images of books in mind and give exams.

The Future

Latest discovery of “Programmable ROM” inside the human body has been done. It has managed to develop a technology to store, erase and restore digital bits in the DNA’s of a living cell. We still have a lot to discover and see. These days some companies are also telling their ancestry using their DNA. It is quite impressive because people know from where they come and it is exciting.

This is the way we are developing the human society or ourselves. Lets all wish that we could always enjoy good technology and development so that we can remain happy and safe. And we also should be careful enough while experimenting with nature and our body.

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