CG Smartphones price in Nepal

CG Mobiles Price in Nepal 2020 | Specifications and Features

Chaudhary Group is one of the biggest business conglomerates of Nepal. CG Global has numerous amount of businesses all around the world. They provide different types of services and sell products under... Read more »
CG partners with Huawei for 4G service

CG partners with Huawei for new telecom service in Nepal

Chaudhary Group’s plan to launch new telecom service is going forward strongly. The group is now partnering with Huawei Technologies. CG signed a deal of $100 million with Huawei. They are planning... Read more »
CG Omega 6 Price in Nepal, review

CG Omega 6 : Three Cameras in entry level budget

CG mobiles is pushing the budget range entry level smartphone market to new height. With the new Omega 6, they are challenging everyone. Chaudhary Group is swiftly expanding its Omega series lineup.... Read more »
CG Omega 8 Price In Nepal

CG Omega 8 Price in Nepal – Budget, Design and Decent

Just after short interval of launching Omega 3, CG Mobiles has brought the new Omega 8. Chaudhary Group is now expanding its Omega lineup and replacing older lines. They are moving towards... Read more »
CG Omega 3 Price in Nepal

CG Omega 3 Price in Nepal: Full View display in Budget

Chaudhary Groups’s Mobile and Electronics division launched new CG Omega 3 in Nepal. It is a entry level phone at a very low budget price. This phone was unveiled to us bloggers... Read more »
CG Blaze G price in Nepal, impression

Chaudhary Group CG Blaze G price, specs, impression

Entry level CG Blaze G is now available in Nepali market. CG Mobiles is one of the unique Nepali mobile phone manufacturer. They mostly have small budget range smartphones and feature phones.... Read more »
CG Blaze 4G Price in Nepal

CG Blaze 4G Impression, details, specs, Price

CG Electronic recently celebrated its 10 years anniversary in Partners Meet. They launched a 65” 4K UHD TV and new CG Blaze 4G smartphone. The current price of CG Blaze 4G is Rs 11,111.... Read more »
CG Partners Meet 2017

CG Launches Blaze 4G, 4K Smart TV at CG Partner’s Meet

Chaudhary Group is one of the biggest and oldest business conglomerate of Nepal. They have lots of products and brands under their wing. Recently CG celebrated 10 years anniversary program of their... Read more »
CG Eon Blaze Pro and Blaze 6.0 in Nepal

CG Eon Blaze Pro, Eon Blaze 6.0 review, specs, impressions

There are few original Nepali brands in the market like CG and Colors. Chaudhary Group is one of the established multi million dollar business conglomerate of Nepal. Last year, they launched a... Read more »
CG Eon Blaze Pro and Blaze 6.0 in Nepal

CG Eon Blaze Pro and Eon Blaze 6.0 announced in Bloggers Meet

One of the biggest business house of Nepal, Chaudhary Group organized a bloggers meet today to announce brand new CG Eon Blaze 6.0 and Eon Blaze Pro. These both phones fall under... Read more »