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Heaters and suffocation: Dangerous and lethal in winter

It gets cold in the upper parts of Nepal and people use heaters to warm up. This is good to protect from harshness of...

How can Medicine be Dangerous? Negligence and control

Medicines are the marvel of centuries of study and advancement. On top, modern medicine is the gift of science. Vaccines and medicines save millions...

Top 10 most expensive matters in the world: Costing Fortune

There are many types of matters and elements in this world. Some are worthless and some are priceless. We have very different use of...

5 Most Dangerous Chemical Compounds in the world

Chemistry is a very cool and interesting subject. There are a lot of fascinating things in this world. Chemicals are one of them as...

Is your food really MSG free? Facts about the special salt

MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is a salt that can be naturally found in our food. It does make our food taste better and is...

The sulphur cycle of Nature: Crucial for everyone on earth

The Sulfur (Sulphur) cycle is one of many biochemical processes that occur in our nature. In this process, sulfur moves through the biotic and...

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