Simple AM Radio Transmitter Schematics

How to make an AM Radio Transmitter: Simple and Low-Power Gadget

AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and it is a technology that is used for communication. It used to be a very popular means of communication and entertainment. Now, very few people listen... Read more »
Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone: Android Brick Fix

It’s regrettable when your device is fried. Sometimes a device may break due to a bad software update or other hardware issues. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on new software,... Read more »
Homemade Tablet, iPad, iPod, Mobile Stand

Homemade Cheap Tablet Stand for iPad, Smartphone: DIY Tablet Stand

Holding your smartphone, tablet, or iPad for a long time can be tedious and tiring. Our arms hurt and it is not healthy as well. We can buy some stands or back... Read more »
Motorola Moto X Force Custom ROM, Root, TWRP, Guide

Moto X Force Custom ROM flash, TWRP, Stock Firmware recovery guide

We have a Motorola Moto X Force with us bought from India. The model is XT1580 and in the USA it is also known as Droid Turbo 2. There are lots of... Read more »
Homemade Arc Welder using Microwave oven transformers

Homemade Arc Welder using Microwave Oven Transformers (MOT)

Since I was a small boy, I had a knack of technology and science. It was interesting to see people melt and fuse them together using a thin rod and electricity. During... Read more »
Arc Welding Requirements, needs and basics

Arc Welding Requirements: Equipment, Supply, and Basics

Welding metals is a process requiring a huge amount of power. Arc welding equipment requires a suitable power supply with the right voltage and current. The voltage helps to create and maintain... Read more »
Homemade DIY Spot Welder using MOT

Homemade Spot Welder using MOT: DIY Metal Melter

Spot welding is a very useful equipment for joining metal sheets and pieces. They are both fun and useful. This handy device can weld thin sheets of metal together with an immense... Read more »
Arc Welding guide for beginners and starters

Arc Welding Guide for Home Welders: How to Weld for Beginners

We have a full step by step guide on building homemade stick welder using microwave oven transformers (MOT). Welding is amazing, and it is a great skill to have. Therefore I want... Read more »