Digi Factory Nepal

Digi Factory: A Hope of Digital Industrial Revolution in Nepal

Normally, when anyone thinks of a production factory or industry, visuals of a loud, rusty, and labor-intensive manufacturing space comes to mind. However, there is one space in Kathmandu, where smart and... Read more »
The Mechanism of Fuel Gauge with working details

How Fuel Gauge Works: Analog and Digital Mechanism

All vehicles need fuel and it is very important to keep track of your oil in the tank. These days there are vehicles that have a digital display but old vehicles have... Read more »
Simple AM Radio Transmitter Schematics

How to make an AM Radio Transmitter: Simple and Low-Power Gadget

AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and it is a technology that is used for communication. It used to be a very popular means of communication and entertainment. Now, very few people listen... Read more »
nec BE Admission Notice 2015/2072

Top 5 Engineering Colleges in Nepal: Best Technical Institutes

Engineering study is one of the most sought after subjects in Nepal. Most of the science students choose Medicine and Engineering after the intermediate level. Many students want to study B.E. and... Read more »
IIT Engineering Entrance exam from Nepal

GATE and JEE Exam in Nepal: NIT, IIT for Foreign Students

Indian education is taken as a very good education system in Nepal and all over the world. There are many reputed institutes with good infrastructure, faculty, lab, and research facility. Among all... Read more »
UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Power Backup Supplies

UPS Mode Vs Inverter Mode in Inverters: Which is the best

Inverters and UPS are pretty confusing to most people. Basically, they are power backup devices. They use a big rechargeable DC battery, which is used to provide AC power when needed. Most... Read more »
Solar Power

How to Sell Electricity to NEA: Solar Power to Nepal Electricity Authority

Regular people buy electricity from NEA, but you can also sell if you want. We all purchase power coming from the national grid. But if you have excess electrical energy at your... Read more »
US Navy LaWS (Source: Office of Naval Research from Arlington, United States)

US Navy starts LaWS: Laser-Based Tech for future

Military technology and engineering are always better, sophisticated, and ahead. They always have a good budget and bright minds at their disposal. They always show us first-class powerful and awesome gadgets. If... Read more »