Corn Smartwatches

Corn Smartwatches Launched in Nepal: Price, Specs, Features

Corn is a consumer electronics brand founded in 2018. The company is based in China and the brand is under Shenzhen CT technology Co. Ltd. Corn has many electronics, gadgets, accessories, and products... Read more »
Fix Broken Android Drivers

Fix Broken Android drivers: How to Fix Firmware Drivers (WiFi Example)

In the past, I bricked my tablet during some experiments on firmware. After a long and deep search on the internet, I found the manufacturer’s site and then I downloaded the firmware... Read more »
Accurate products price in Nepal

Accurate Products Price in Nepal 2020: Mobile Accessories MRP List

Accurate is a brand of Bhavik International that deals with electronics and gadgets. It is a Nepali brand that is mainly dealing with mobile phone accessories. They are catering to consumer electronic... Read more »
Gaming Consoles in Nepal

Gaming Consoles price and repairing in Nepal

No matter how much old you get, the inner heart of gamer still is children. This is why mostly men and some women love gaming deep from heart. It isn’t just for... Read more »
Allocacoc launches new products in CAN Infotech

Allocacoc Launches 5 New Products at CAN Infotech 2017

Sammy Traders is the official distributor of Allocacoc products in Nepal. They have many accessories and products in the Nepali market. The company launched 5 new products in Nepal in this CAN... Read more »
EVO Gamepad Pro 2 Review

EVO Gamepad pro 2 full gaming review and experience

Earlier this month, Amkette made its debut by launching EVO Gamepad Pro 2. This is the sequel to EVO Gamepad. It has tagline “The Next Level of Smartphone Gaming“. But is it... Read more »
Garmin Launches GPS Smartwatches

Garmin Launches GPS Smartwatches in Nepal

Smartwatch products are getting good response in Nepal market. Since the last two years, we have found a large interest of Nepalese people in digital gear and smartwatches. To fulfill the demand... Read more »