Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles

Fast browsing with Google AMP & Facebook Instant Articles

Google’s ambitious project Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) has been rolled out globally to public. Facebook also started serving web pages with selected publishers via Instant Articles. These technologies help to deliver mobile... Read more »
Netflix launched in Nepal

Netflix launched in Nepal: Challenges VOD and cable providers

Previously Netflix used to serve in USA only. Then it slowly came to some countries in Europe and then Japan. Now it is in a total of 242 countries including Nepal. #netflixeverywhere ... Read more »
YouTube Offline in Nepal

YouTube offline launched in Nepal: How to use download guide

Almost after 1 year of YouTube Offline launch in India, Nepal got the new update. This service has come for both iOS and Android apps. This feature now allows users to save... Read more »
Ncell Official Logo

Ncell upgrades its network to increase speed & capacity

Ncell’s internet and data service are always praised for the speed. But since the latest Gorkha earthquake, many of the towers and stations were damaged. The company is working to recover the... Read more »
Ad Blockers and Rise of Paywall

Ad Blockers and the rise of Paywall

Many of you might be using Ad Blockers while surfing the internet to stop the invasive ads. We understand how some websites fill your whole screen with ads, pop-ups, and other nuisance.... Read more »
Zero-rating and Net Neutrality in Nepal

Zero-rating and Net neutrality in Nepal and Global Scenario

Have you ever thought about the reason behind free Twitter, Wikipedia in Ncell network in Nepal. Also, have you given a thought about free Facebook in India via This program is... Read more »
Global video streaming service providers

Global video streaming service to eradicate content piracy

This week we heard that the 4K Ultra HD copy of Breaking Bad was pirated on the torrent sites. Usually, online streaming services are highly secure. It is hard to download these... Read more »