Nepal Telecom NTC FTTH Router

NTC ADSL to NTC FTTH Migration: How to install NTC Fiber and Upgrade

Nepal Telecom (NTC) started its ADSL service back in 2065 BS. It is a technology based on telephone copper wires. The reason for its popularity is the broad reach of PSTN services... Read more »
Best Top 5 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal

Best Top 5 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal

The Internet is awesome and with all the information for free. It is obviously the best thing of this century. Nepal is gaining a huge number of internet users day by day... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom Winter Offer 2075: Discount, offers, packages

Nepal Telecom (NTC) just announced new Winter Offer for 2075. This is another new scheme after the Autumn offer. NTC regularly hosts various offers through out the year. According to the press... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom (NTC) Dashain offer, bonus, schemes

NTC is providing new Dashain offer on this auspicious occasion. Dashain is Nepal’s biggest festival and everyone celebrates it. Nepal Telecom always gives offers, discounts and bonuses during each festivals and this... Read more »
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NTC FTTH Price Reduction and Network Expansion

Nepal Telecom’s FTTC (Fiber to the Home) service is now catching up speed. The company introduced this service few years ago for limited locations only. The tariff was also very high compared... Read more »
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How to get Nepal Telecom (NTC) Loan Credit Service

There are some situations when you really need mobile balance and don’t have a way to recharge. Some people ask their friends to lend them balance but you can’t always haggle them.... Read more »
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NTC ADSL 5 Mbps Speed Upgrade, test, review, future

Nepal Telecom upgraded its ADSL to 5 Mbps on February 9th. This is company’s 14th Anniversary offer to people. Previously NTC was providing 1 Mbps broadband service. The service actually came into... Read more »
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NTC 90 days Promotional offer 2074 summer, 1 Mbps ADSL

Nepal Telecom (NTC) announced new promotional offers for 2074 summer. There are lots of amazing offers for various services. It mainly includes ADSL, FTTH, GSM, CDMA ¬†services. The offer is valid for... Read more »
Nepal Telecom NT Bus Internet Service

Cybernetics, Nepal Telecom start Bus Internet Service

Nepal Telecom and Cybernetics has launched new NT Bus Internet service. It is brand new technology for tour and travel business. Bus, micro and travel services can use NT Bus Internet to... Read more »
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(NTC) Nepal Telecom New Year 2074 Offers

Nepal Telecom has announced promotional offers for this new year 2074. Nepalese people celebrate lots of New Year. They include English new year and community or religious new year but Bikram Sambat... Read more »