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NTC FTTH Price Reduction and Network Expansion

Nepal Telecom’s FTTC (Fiber to the Home) service is now catching up speed. The company introduced this service few years ago for limited locations only. The tariff was also very high compared... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom (NTC) 2075 New Year offers, discounts

On the occasion of new year 2075 Bikram Sambat, NTC is providing few offers to its customers. Nepal Telecom always has some schemes on each festival and occasion. This time they have... Read more »
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Broadband Internet Price Going Down in Nepal

Nepal Government has decided to bring down the price of basic broadband internet. According to new Broadband Internet policy, the minimum price is going to be set out for all providers. All... Read more »
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NTC 13th Anniversary, ADSL Speed Increase, 4G Service, bonus

Nepal Telecom celebrated its 13th Anniversary on Magh 22nd. As expected, they are offering lots of bonus, new services and upgrades. Finally 4G service is available for prepaid users also. The most... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom Day Data Pack offer plus details

Nepal Telecom has good¬†prepaid data package for all types of users. They got very good response due to the reasonable price and volume. Now they are introducing Day Data pack to all... Read more »
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NTC providing video call discounts for disabled people

Nepal Telecom is providing discount on video calls for disabled people. This includes people with issues of speech and hearing. This is being appreciated everywhere as a social welfare. The video call... Read more »

Nepal Telecom GSM Postpaid NT Pro service details

The new Nepal Telecom’s NT Pro service for GSM Post paid users has been launched. With help of NTPro application available in Google and Apple Store, the customers can enjoy calling to... Read more »
Nepal Telecom servers hacked by Anonymous #opnep

Vulnerable Nepal Telecom servers hacked by Nepali Hackers

A very famous and powerful hacking group of Nepal yesterday announced that they have hacked the Nepal Telecom servers. They also claim that the database is in their control. The group named... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom provides free SIM cards to tourists

Tourism is a very important business in Nepal. It has huge share in country’s revenue. In order to strengthen the confidence and help tourists, Nepal Telecom will provide free SIM cards. The... Read more »
Nepal Telecom Bonus Recharge

Nepal Telecom Bonus Recharge Scheme 2015

NTC is now providing free or bonus recharge to the users. It is available for all customers of Nepal Telecom. There are different rates but basically, users get an additional top up... Read more »