Gravitational Waves Waves Demonstration

Gravitational Waves confirmed by LIGO

Today the National Science Foundation confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. These waves were predicted by the Einstein Field Equations. On the day of February 11th, 2016, scientists involved in this experiment... Read more »
LHC Discovers Pentaquark

LHC Discovers Pentaquark: A New Particle with 5 quarks

Last year at LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Cern two Xi Baryon particles were discovered. This year LHC discovers Pentaquark which is a five-quark particle. This is one of the biggest discoveries of... Read more »
Two new particles discovered at Cern

Two new particles discovered at Cern Laboratory: Xi Baryons

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a very famous scientific machine in Geneva. It is one of the world’s biggest particle colliders. LHC performs many big complex experiments. Discovering Higgs Boson is... Read more »
US Navy LaWS (Source: Office of Naval Research from Arlington, United States)

US Navy starts LaWS: Laser-Based Tech for future

Military technology and engineering are always better, sophisticated, and ahead. They always have a good budget and bright minds at their disposal. They always show us first-class powerful and awesome gadgets. If... Read more »