Samsung One UI 4

Samsung One UI 4 Improvements and Features Review: Altogether Enhanced Experience

The journey of One UI started a few years ago and it has been a positive ride so far. Samsung has improved its user interface for Android devices by a good measure.... Read more »
Screenshot of Computer Codes

Top 8 Websites To Learn Coding For Free in 2021: Best Online Coding Sites

Coding is a valuable skill that is useful in different fields. The scope of programming is just growing day by day. It is already very important for students, college graduates, researchers, professionals,... Read more »
Facebook Account Safety and Recovery

How to recover Facebook account: Recovery Guide and Safety Tips

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It is owned by a parent company named “Meta”. These days many people have a Facebook account or profile. Mostly... Read more »
Android Logo on Smartphone

7 Important Things To Do Before Updating or Factory Resetting a Phone

I have seen many people face different problems when they don’t do updates or factory reset correctly. Sometimes they lose all the data, sometimes they brick the device, and sometimes the phone... Read more »
Top BlogSpot SEO Tips for Improving Blogger Sites

7 Top Blogspot SEO Tips for Improving Blogger Sites in 2021

Blogger is a free content management system and publishing platform from Google. Most people know it as Blogspot as well. It is because the sites are given subdomain. We also started... Read more »
Computer maintenance top for desktops and laptops

7 Important Computer Maintenance tips and Common Repair Guide for everyone

Many people have a desktop and laptop in their homes. Computers are everywhere and they are now an integral part of our lives. Power users prefer desktop for better performance, comfort, and... Read more »
Video Games Controller Joystick from Advik

Positive Effects of Video Games: Cognition, Motor Skill, Therapy

Video games are a very popular way of spending leisure time and entertainment. We have been playing digital video games for a long time on different platforms. It may be on computers,... Read more »
Fix Broken Android Drivers

Fix Broken Android drivers: How to Fix Firmware Drivers (WiFi Example)

In the past, I bricked my tablet during some experiments on firmware. After a long and deep search on the internet, I found the manufacturer’s site and then I downloaded the firmware... Read more »
MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review: Free tool to recover lost data

Mistakes can happen anytime and they can be devastating in a computer sometimes. One might delete any file, photo, movie, or folder by mistake. You might even mistakenly shift delete anything important.... Read more »
Difference between 30FPS and 60FPS

Difference Between 30FPS and 60FPS: Is High Frame Rate Better?

Gamers have been debating on 30FPS and 60FPS for a long time. Now the debate is even higher for 90fps and more. People are now into 144Hz and 240Hz monitors. So gamers... Read more »