Nepal Telecom FTTH

Nepal Telecom FTTH Review: Speed Test, Stability and Comparisons

Nepal Telecom is a big ISP company and they also provide internet through optical fibers. Their service is called NTC FTTH or Nepal Telecom FTTH. The word FTTH stands for Fiber to... Read more »
Nepal Telecommunication Authority Office

Everything about NTA’s IMEI Registration and MDMS in Nepal: Reasons and Process

We first reported this news on May 6th of 2016 and it has been few years that this has been in the process. The Government of Nepal (GoN) stated that Nepal Telecommunication... Read more »
5G and Telehealth in Nepal

5G and Telehealth in Nepal: Transforming the Medical Sector with Tech

5G is the new generation of wireless transmission technology. Mobile telecom industries are working to bring it to people all over the world. On the parallel side, smartphone manufacturers are working to... Read more »
CG partners with Huawei for 4G service

CG partners with Huawei for new telecom service in Nepal

Chaudhary Group’s plan to launch new telecom service is going forward strongly. The group is now partnering with Huawei Technologies. CG signed a deal of $100 million with Huawei. They are planning... Read more »
Nepal Telecommunication Authority Office

NTA Provides Online IMEI Registration: Register Phones from Home

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) started the process of IMEI number registration more than a year ago. The process has been going till now using paper forms and email at the office. Now,... Read more »