Things to take care before updating your phone

5 Things to take care before updating your phone
There are many things to take care before updating your phone. Whether it is a smartphone or a bar phone, whether it is Android or iOS-based phone or tablet, we must always create a backup. A plan is very necessary before moving forward because there may not be a way back. In today’s world data is very important. We have made a list of important things to take care of. So that you will always remember before anything wrong happens. This is a checklist of top 5 things to take care before updating your phone or before you change, sell, upgrade, update or reset your phone.

Many people may want to reset their phone. Many people might want to flash a new firmware to di experiments. Some people may also want to clean everything and sell or give their devices. In a hurry, we might forget some important things. We have seen people making mistakes like deleting contacts, photos, setting, documents, apps and then regretting. Sometimes people give or sell their phones and don’t erase data well. This can cause a problem if the phone falls into the hands of the wrong persons. So this is a small checklist to cover all of them

Backup Contacts

It is the most important thing. We hate it when we lose contact and have to ask everyone my recalling manually. Even if we have a physical diary it is hard to crate them all again. So always make sure to make contacts backup. This feature is available in almost all phones. Even bar phones have contact export feature. First of all always save your contacts in cloud services such as Google Account, Apple or Microsoft account. This ensures all contacts are synced in all devices. Even if the phone is reset, contacts are intact. To make double sure, go to settings of your contact and create a backup file and save it in a safe place like a memory card or computer. However, our advice is that you save your contacts in Google Account if you are on Android.

Save copy of Files, Folders, Images

This is a very important part but common as well. We guess we don’t have to teach people about these things. These days one of the most important files in people’s phone are photos. It is highly recommended to create a backup of all your photos and videos well. Check them once after copying it to a safe location for corruption. Files can be corrupted while transfer so always double check. Users can opt for more security by syncing or backing up photos in cloud services like Google Photos or Samsung Cloud. This provides an additional copy which is safe. Also, check other folders in your internal storage to look for other important files and copy them as well.

Keep Application Data safe

This is a bit hidden and behind sight for many uses. There may be some specific apps which don’t save data on servers or online. In this case, we need to export data or copy app data from the phone. Sometimes this includes saved images from Facebook, Twitter or safe file of games, render files, etc. There can be many things actually. Some apps may also store encrypted songs files offline. It may also be useful if we create backup and restore it easily and fast in the future. Titanium Backup is one of our most favorite Android backup creating an app.

Save the Settings

Users might have made specific changes, calibrations in settings of their phone or in apps. There may be special certificates installed and fine tunings made. It can b tedious to do them again or install them again. Network APN, PIN, PUK Code, Unlock codes are some examples. Always store them in a safe place. We prefer to create backup and export file whenever possible in these cases. Else we recommend copying the settings in a text file and saving in computer. Users can also take a screenshot of such calibrations and settings then copy those images to a safer place.


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Firmware Level Backup

This is for the enthusiasts who do experiments on their phone. Many of such people like to install new custom ROM, overclock CPU, customize and root. This is a very serious level of work and one should be very careful. Most of the times, experts recommend using official firmware flashing tools like Odin, etc. Other times, experts suggest using TWRP for flashing. TWRP is an open source project and it helps to create a backup of the entire phone. We also highly recommend creating a backup of phone or tablet before flashing anything. Also, use the only compatible version of TWRP. We learned this the hard way while we bricked our Allwinner tablet.

Also always find and download the stock or official firmware and flashing tool before doing any firmware level modification. Finding such software can be hard for some devices. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Rooting and flashing process is risky and if things go wrong we need a stock image. So always create a backup of every possible thing before proceeding to be safe.

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