Top 10 most expensive matters in the world
Top 10 most expensive materials worldwide

There are many types of matters and elements in this world. Some are worthless and some are priceless. We have very different use of each substance. So we pay price according to its importance and availability. We also have a list of the top most dangerous chemicals which is interesting. Those dangerous chemicals are expensive but not as the ones listed here. So this is the list of top 10 most expensive matters in the world.

There are countless materials existing in our world. We can’t list all of them according to their value. But we can find some of the most valuable and expensive ones. As we all know, the price comes when one is willing to pay for it. The value only comes when we require and we are willing to pay the price. Synthesized chemicals make most of our list.

Humans fix the price of anything by giving it value. The value comes from its demand, need, use and rarity. There are elements, compounds, and dangerous chemicals on the list. The cost is mainly due to rareness. They are very hard to find. Simply put, these are the most expensive matters.

10) Heroin – $120/gram
09) Cocaine – $240/gram
08) LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) – $3,000/gram
07) Plutonium – $4,000/gram
06) Painite – $9,000/gram
05) Taaffeite – $20,000/gram
04) Tritium – $30,000/gram
03) Diamonds – $55,000/gram
02) Californium 252 – $27 million/gram
01) – Antimatter – $62.5 trillion/gram

Narcotic Materials

The three substance from last are drugs and classified category narcotics. These are controlled substances. Heroin, Cocaine, and LSD are famous drugs. Heroin is a very popular and expensive drug worldwide. It is an Opioid and also known as Diamorphine. Heroin is a pain killer and it can be administered by intravenous means as well.

Cocaine is more expensive than the Heroine and has a relation with the Coca plant. It is another very popular drug. People snort it or inject it. Cocaine increases heart rate and blood pressure which can cause stroke, heart attack, and death. LSD is an abbreviation for Lysergic acid diethylamide and it is a very famous drug. This is taken in a small amount and it causes hallucination. Its effects can last for very long hours. Users may get nausea and tremors.


Plutonium Cake

Minerals and Elements

Plutonium is a radioactive element. Its atomic number is 94 and atomic mass is 244 amu. It is very dangerous to work with due to its highly reactive properties. Plutonium tarnishes when in contact with air. It is very hazardous to human beings. It is radioactive and it can collect in human bones. One isotope of this element is used in nuclear weapon warhead.

Painite is a very rare mineral and it has a hexagonal crystal system same as Taaffeite. It mainly contains borate anion, calcium, chromium, etc. Taaffeite BeMgAl4O8 is a very rare mineral. Diamonds are popular and expensive. They are known as one of the hardest materials. It is the most beautiful allotrope of carbon. Diamonds are used for making jewelry and in tools for cutting such as glass.

Radioactive Materials

Tritium is actually an isotope of Hydrogen. The Hydrogen is not a radioactive element but Tritium is. It is used in clock hands to produce the lighting effect. The phenomenon is known as Radioluminescence. It dangerous if it is inhaled or ingested.


Californium is also an element of the periodic table. Its atomic number is 98 and atomic mass is 251 u. Californium is radioactive and it is used to start nuclear reactors. It was made artificially for the first time. It is very dangerous to human beings as it can cause cancer.

The most fascinating material is Antimatter because it is ultimately rare. It is defined as matter that has antiparticles. It is the most interesting of all materials. They are extremely hard to find. Particle accelerators produce them in a very small amount. In theory, the collision of particle and antiparticle can cause annihilation. In common knowledge, a proton has a positive charge and the electron has negative charge inside an atom. Antiproton also has a negative charge but the same mass as the proton. So Antiproton is the antimatter to Proton.

Some important and dangerous materials have made it to the list of most expensive matters. The rarest thing cost higher than the most abundant matter. We are doing more research every day. Someday, newer material may make to this list.


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