Top 10 most expensive matters in the world
Top 10 most expensive matters in the world

There are many types of matters and elements in this world. Some are worthless and some are priceless. We have different use of these matters and we pay price according to its importance and availability. Lets see how much expensive the elements can be. So this is the list of top 10 most expensive matters or substances available in the world. It is fascinating that how much costly any substance can be.

Countless materials exist in our world. They can be natural and artificial. Humans fix the price of anything by giving it value. The value comes from its demand, need, use and rarity. So let us simply list all the top 10 matters in our list and we will discuss on them later. These are the most expensive matters in our world that we can buy.

10) Heroin – $130/gram
09) Cocaine – $215/gram
08) LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) – $3,000/gram
07) Plutonium – $4,000/gram-This is a radioactive element.
06) Painite – $9,000/gram
05) Taaffeite Stone – $20,000/gram
04) Tritium – $30,000/gram
03) Diamonds – $55,000/gram
02) Californium 252 – $27 million/gram
01) – Antimatter – $6,25 trillion/gram

The three substance from last are drugs and classified category narcotics. Fun fact for all Breaking Bad fans, Methamphetamine costs $100/gm. It comes in 12 position after Rhino Horn which costs $110/gm. We said these are the most expensive to purchase but most things like antimatter are almost impossible to buy.


Matters Details

Heroin is a very popular and expensive drug used world wide. It is an Opioid and also known as Diamorphine. Heroin is a pain killer and it can be administered by intravenous means as well. Cocaine is more expensive than Heroine and has relation with Coca plant. It is a very popular drug. LSD is abbreviation for Lysergic acid diethylamide and it is very famous drug. This is taken in small amount and it causes hallucination.

Plutonium Cake
Plutonium Cake

Plutonium is a radioactive element with atomic number 94. It is dangerous to work with due to its highly reactive properties. Painite is a very rare mineral and it has hexagonal crystal system same as Taaffeite. Diamonds are obviously expensive and they are also famous as hardest material known to human. It is the most beautiful allotrope of carbon. Californium is also an element of periodic table with atomic number 98. The most fascinating is Antimatter because it is ultimate rare. It is defined as matter that has anti particles.

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Some important and dangerous materials have made it to the list of most expensive matters. The rarest thing cost higher than the most abundant matter. A the research and discovery are progressing in the world new and important matters are being found.

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