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Online Shopping Nepal

Online shopping trend is increasing widely in Nepal. Many people shop online these days. With the option s like Cash on Delivery the customers can trust the service providers. People are shopping online these days because there are thousands of products that can’t be found offline or on street and you also don’t have to go out in the pollution and scorching sunlight or drenching rain. To help everyone we have listed the top 5 Online shopping websites in Nepal.

Many big and international companies like Amazon and E bay don’t ship to Nepal directly and even if someone does the cost of shipping is about $60 to $100. There are many international sites that ship products to Nepal. We have selected top 3 online shopping sites by assessing the reputation, work and customer review.

Many people suggested us to put HamroBazar on this list. We can’t put HamroBazar because it hugely consists of second hand goods and there are very less retailers. It is classified market instead of eCommerce shopping site.

5) started in 2012 and sell products at very  price. They have multiple products ranging from toys for children, mobile phones, electronics, home and office appliances etc. Cash on delivery is for inside Kathmandu valley only and to get good delivered to other parts of Nepal you should pay for the product first using eSewa, Paypal or Credit Cards. They also provide full support using phone, Viber and mobile on office time only. Rojekohost, Crazyhost Nepal are their hosting and domain registration service.

4) Nepbay


Nepbay is one of the oldest eCommerce site of Nepal. They have many products in their inventory including, clothes, cakes, confectionery, gadgets, phones, appliances, women’s clothing, bed sheet and medical products. Nepbay also sell computer parts, external drives, gaming accessories, vehicles, auto parts and handcrafts. They have many tour packages as well. Nepbay has divided sections according to cities and products. They accept payment via many options like Paypal, Master Card, Credit Cards, NIBL, Hello Paisa, Laxmi Bank etc. You can also call them on office time only.

3) GoGazzab

This company also provides many exciting products at great price. They sell electronics, gadgets, computer hardware, men and women garments, furniture, home decor, foot wear and many other stuff. GoGazzab also offers online payment eSewa, SCT nPay and Cash On Delivery. You can contact them on their office phone number if you have any query.

2) Sastodeal


Sastodeal is very popular shopping site in Nepal. They have improved a lot in theie growth period. Lots of variety of products are available including garment, accessories, electronics, health care products, grocery and pet supplies. People can contact them via phone number for solutions. There is good service of product tracking as well. You can pay for products via eSewa, Online Banking including NIBL and other options as well.

Sastobook is their another website which features books specially. There are lots of national and international books available for buying.

1) Kaymu

Kaymu is a very big international online goods selling company. They have companies in various countries. It is somewhat new in Nepal so is doing good marketing and advertisement. Kaymu has many products including electronics, smartphones, jewelry, books, vehicles, apparel and accessories for many products, shoes, food and beverages as well.


They list the products with the source or seller. We also get option for cash on delivery. Account creating is easy using Facebook or Google account. Customers can contact the seller as well before buying. You will get a confirmation call after creating order of product. If you have any query you can contact them using their phone and Viber number.

Wrapping Up

There are many eCommerce sites in Nepal. It can be very hard to choose your destination for shopping. Some sites also may and may not have the product you require. We urge all our reader to be very aware while shopping online. In our experience Cash On Delivery is best option.

If you have to pay online, only choose the site that has SSL certificate in payment section. Be aware of fraudulent sites and advertisement which are rampant these days. Happy Shopping and do give us your feedback and experience of your online shopping experience.

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