Top 5 Best Free Android VPN Apps to use in Nepal

Best free VPN and proxy service in Nepal

VPN or Virtual Private Network apps allows users to use internet freely with privacy. This means they can enjoy content without any barrier. Mostly many websites bar users from entering their site on location basis. Sometime people want to mask their location to enable new features and browse privately. VPN apps help in these scenarios by providing a different IP and changing your location. We have tested many Android apps on our phone and here the top 5 best free android VPN apps to use in Nepal.

Our main goal here is to provide list of best VPN apps that we like. We have been using these types of apps since a long time. For example we used them to unlock USA Google Play store, watch free Hulu Videos, unlock Samsung USA app store and more. The application selection criteria includes less add, faster browsing, more location and easier use.

Mostly all apps provide USA location for free and  charge premium to select other locations. Clearly there are many perks of having a paid subscription. Good premium software ensures more privacy, features and safety to the users. But free applications work well for generic browsing and surfing. We tested a lot of apps and these are some of the best apps in our view. (This is for informational purpose only. We are not responsible for any illegal activities done using this information)

1) Samsung Max

Samsung Max comes loaded in few phones but nowadays they don’t. For any normal Samsung smartphone users this app is very good. There is no signup or data restriction. Users can enjoy free VPN service with security. It usually gives location of USA and for Nepali users its great. There is also WiFi data saving mode for better speed and less data consumption. It is one of the cleanest and fastest VPN service to use in Android space.

2) TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a very good VPN application for Android. It is free but in limited amount only and by that we meant there is data rationing. Users can signup easily for free account and they get monthly 500 MB data. With just a tweet they provide additional 1000 MB and after installing PC version, users can get additional 1000 MB data. Best thing about TunnelBear is that it allows many server locations such as India, Canada, Mexico etc. Other free apps don’t give that many options. Tunnel Bear does a good job at changing location and it passed on many international sites for video playback as well.

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3) Hotspot Shield

This is a very famous Android app since a long time. There are both premium and free version of this app in the Play Store. Free Windows version is also available at their website. Users may get confused with the app because it seems they only give limited trial and want to charge premium. But after skipping them you can use the VPN service with some ads.  Free users cannot select country according to choice and they are at mercy of optimal server location. There is full free version app as well so try to find that version in the Google Play Store.

4) Turbo VPN


Turbo VPN is also quite easy to use and offers few good locations to choose from. They also run with ads on their app but that’s what we all should learn to live with if we want internet to be free. Users can just start the service with just one touch. They also get option to choose from few of free servers. Users should pay to choose from wide range of VIP servers but free options are also good. The application shows network status in free server list and we recommend choosing according to speed.

5) TouchVPN

Touch VPN is also available for free and it works good. The app allows choosing few free servers of different Asian, European and American counties. App directly chooses best option according to network health and speed. This app is pretty simple and easy to use. There is no need to signup and there are no restrictions as well.


So use these apps carefully because your data passes through their network. VPN apps help you bypass your ISP so enjoy your freedom. Most VPN services don’t keep your records but be careful always. In our view Samsung Max is the easiest one to use with clean design and lots of additional features. TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield are both great but as Hotspot Shield doesn’t have any restriction so we give it a thumbs up. Our honorable mentions include VPNHub and SuperVPN.


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