Best Mobile phones under 10,000 in Nepal

Budget Smartphones under 10000 in Nepal

The market is full of smartphones of different price. This includes anywhere from few thousands to hundreds of thousands or lakhs. Still some people just need a decent phone to talk and do basic work. Many people buy entry level phones to learn and adopt the new system. There are many other reasons like budget, secondary need and much more. Whatever the reason be people’s purchase should be of value. So we have made a list of few best entry level smartphone under Rs 10000 in Nepal.

Many people purchase lower end phones to try or to just perform simple tasks. We see many people keeping two mobiles sometimes. When people buy entry level phones, they should at least have reasonably powerful hardware to support basic work load. Most people don’t look for design and other feature at this zone actually.

But getting extra power and better design at the price point is always better. These days the manufacturers are improving the phones by a lot. People can get really great phones under Rs 10,000 these days in Nepal. We can really see the technological advancement in this segment.

There are many companies with phones on this price range. Many have diverse portfolio but for some this is the prime target. Lots of companies just make phones for budget market such as Colors, CG, Otto and many more. So here are some budget smartphones under Rs 10000.

CG Omega 6Rs 9,777
Nokia 1Rs 9,325
OTTO Frank DualRs 9,996
Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt PrimeRs 7,990
CG Omega 3Rs 7,849
Colors Pride P-85Rs 9,995
Huawei Y3 (2017)Rs 10,900
Motorola Moto CRs 10,990
Xiaomi Redmi 5ARs 11,999

As we are trying to fit the best phones in the price range, we are very close to the ceiling . But keep in mind that these are MRP. So you can get these phones in cheaper price from stores. In the list there are few phone over the price limit because sometime with just small addition you can get much better value. Next thing is that many people are brand loyal as well. People demand or want to buy product of certain company only. Thus we have listed almost all smartphones from all companies that have their products in this segment.

Our favorite one in the list is Nokia 1 because of the new Android Go Oreo OS. Next we love the Omega 6 and OTTO Frank Dual due to their camera and features. Most of the mobiles here are having quad core processor and maximum 2 GB RAM.1 GB RAM is a minimum and we suggest you to pick a phone with better battery and good expansion support.


These days the cameras have improved by manifold for sub 10k mobiles segment. While choosing a phone always try to pick the phone that suits your need. There are many phones and each one as unique feature that might or might not be useful for you. Like if you need power, there is no sense in picking phone with powerful selfie camera. So make sure the features you need and then only pick the best one for you.

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