Top Budget Gaming Laptops in Nepal: 2072 Festival Special

Top Budget Gaming Laptops in Nepal

Dashain and Tihar of 2072 are coming soon and many of you might have been also enrolled in college. Many of you might be going to live in a hostel while some of you may be in need of a PC. Even if you are a normal student or civilian you need a computer for studies, work, watching movies, projects, presentation, and gaming. For anyone who needs a portable computer, laptop is the answer. Therefore we have selected a few top budget gaming laptops in Nepal which will suit your pocket and satisfy your needs. Here are the top budget gaming laptops in Nepal for 2072 festival season.

We know a little bit about the demand of people and market situation. We all need an efficient computer that will provide good enough battery life for work. All of us want a computer to survive through presentation and project work. Sometimes we also want to play the whole day to enjoy some off time. Our focus is more on students who need a wholesome package. The computer should be able to do all college work, be good media house and provide a little bit of gaming power. Many research indicates that competitive gaming helps the brain positively.

There are different needs and we will try to accommodate everyone. This is why we have selected the best laptops available right now. We still use Dell Inspiron 3542 to work on our website and play heavy games like GTA V in mid to high settings. Here we have a  list with price of budget gaming laptops in Nepal with their specs and features.

Acer Aspire E14

Under a price tag of Rs 72,000, Acer is offering a new dedicated Nvidia Geforce 2 GB  920M. This is an upgraded version of GT820M with new architecture, lower power consumption, and better performance. Aspire E14 has 5th Generation Intel Core i7 processor which will provide good performance with Turbo Boost technology. One thing to note is that these Core i7 processors are only dual core, not quad core. There are quad-core processors but they are very expensive. So be careful while choosing and see for each and every details.

Acer Aspire E14 specs and price in Nepal
Acer Aspire E14 specs and price in Nepal

There is a 14” LCD screen with 1366×768 resolution. This is HD resolution of 16:9 aspect ratio. For storage, we have 1 TB of HDD and for memory, there is 8 GB of RAM. Users can expand memory capacity if they want to. The graphics card, RAM and processor combination is enough to play Games like Grand Theft Auto V, FIFA 16 and many other titles in low to mid settings. Battery backup on Aspire 14 will be about 4 hours on very low power use settings. Gaming sessions will require you to connect the power adapter for better performance.

Dell Vostro 5480

Dell Vostro has always been a special budget series of laptop with good specs. It is available with many selections of processors. But in the case of Nepal, we have selected the one with 5th gen Core i5 5200U. This is a U series which is ultra power saving processor. It means you can get robust power when required and save huge power while not required. This Vostro 5480 is coming 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of the hard disk only. We expect 1 TB normal these days. However, if you need 1 TB HDD, ask the vendor to replace it.

Dell Vostro 5480
Dell Vostro 5480 price in Nepal

The good thing about the laptop is its graphics card. Here we are getting a step forward graphics which is 2 GB dedicated Nvidia Geforce 830M. This is a good graphics card and it is very nice for mid-level gaming with new titles. In order to enjoy better performance and games, we advise yo to increase the RAM to 8GB. Do ask the shopkeeper to increase RAM or Hard disk while purchasing. This way you get better hardware and it is also covered in 1-year warranty. The current price of Dell Vostro 5480 is Rs 70,000 in the Nepalese market.

Lenovo G50-80

Lenovo is also a leading company in the laptop market. Its new G50-80 comes with 5th Gen Core i7 processor. This a great laptop which comes at the price of NRs 70,000. The computer comes with 4 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive for storage. You can store a lot of files and games but if you are heavy then you should think of getting 8GB RAM minimum. For the graphics card, this Lenovo G50 has ATI Radeon R5-M230.

The graphics card of this laptop is also entry level. So it is not that much powerful but it will run some first-person shooter games well. However, the processor is pretty fantastic, so performance is definitely great. This device has a 15.6” screen with HD resolution of 1366X768. This is a very standard panel. Inside there is 4 cell battery rated at 41 Watt-Hour. This will be enough to get you a minimum of 4 hrs of life. It is also a market standard battery life.

Lenovo G50-80
Lenovo G50-80

Decision and Conclusion

All these laptops have 720p webcam, DVD drive and one year warranty from the company. Many companies provide extended and breakage warranty but with a heavy price. You should decide what you want. Many offers are always available like free laptop bags, mouse and antivirus software.


A laptop with pre-installed Genuine Windows will always be about $100 expensive than with Linux or no OS. So pick what you need. You can always install the OEM version of Windows at the cheap price these days. We would definitely pick a cheap model with Ubuntu and format it to install OEM Windows copy.

Looking at all the laptops we find Acer Aspire E14 as the winner. It has a new generation graphics card, new processor, sufficient RAM, and hard disk. It is the best choice in this section. This laptop can do good gaming so definitely it can handle all office work and college work. It can be a good companion for entertainment and work.

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