After many delays due to the internal issues and national issues, the Tribhuvan University (TU) has published the result of the entrance exam. TU Institute of Medicine (IOM) conducts a competitive entrance exam every year. They take admissions in various faculties of medicine after the exams. This includes MBBS, BDS, B.Prarm, etc. The 2072 IOM Entrance exam suffered many delays this year. However, it was conducted last week on Saturday. Now the result is out and admissions are now open.

First of all, we want to congratulate everyone who aced the exams. Best of luck to all the passing candidates for their future. We wish all the best to the future doctors, dentists, and people of other fields as well. In Nepal, there is huge respect for doctors and people in the medical field. They are seen as lifesavers by everyone. Here in this article, we will first list the successful candidates for the full scholarship. List of others will follow after that.

Successful candidates must go the Maharajgunj campus after Dashain which is from 10th to 15th Kartik to get admission. Exam entrance card, citizenship certificate, transcript/ mark sheet of +2 or equivalent, migration and board certificate with 5 recently taken passport size photos are needed for admission. The academic session this year begins on the 2nd of Magh.

Important Dates:

  1. Admission of first principal candidates of both category: 10th to 15th Magh
  2. Admission from Waiting List: (General) 16th to 17 Kartik, (Foreign) 16th to 22 Kartik
  3. For Paying Seats: 18th to 2rd Kartik
  4. Paying Category Waiting List: 29th to 30th Karkit

1) MBBS Full Scholarship Top 45 List

Here we have the list of successful candidates for the general category. The highest marks of the 1st rank holder is 97. Similarly, the marks of the 45th rank holder is 92. In the small 5 marks gap, there are many candidates. This shows the toughness of competition. There is very tough competition for studying MBSS in Nepal. Paying seats are very expensive but topper of general category get subsidy and scholarship.

2072 IOM MBBS First General Category List
2072 IOM MBBS First General Category List

2) Paying Category and Waiting

This list of successful candidates who got into paying. They are also of the waiting list for general category. If someone of the general list doesn’t confirm admission, people of this list get the seat. The admission happens according to rank and is not random. Waiting list starts at 92 Marks and ends at the same. This means there are 12 people in waiting list with same 92 marks.

2072 IOM MBBS General Category Waiting List
2072 IOM MBBS General Category Waiting List

3) Waiting List for Paying

This is the list of people in waiting for paying. There are 44 students in this list. The starting marks is 92 and end marks of 44th candidate is 91. So there are 44 students in just 1 number difference.

2072 IOM MBBS Paying Waiting list
2072 IOM MBBS Paying Waiting list

Other Results and Admission

Here we don’t have all the results of all faculties. The TU Institute of Medicine has published the results for other faculties including B.Pharm, BDS, BSC Nursing, etc as well. All those are available on the official website ( Here we just have a small list of MBBS candidates. Other subjects are also equally important and the entrance exams are also tough in the same way.

These exams are very hard and only a few students pass these. It is very important to pass the exam of Tribhuvan University to get admission in private colleges as well. The fess of these private colleges is actually very high. It easily crosses the $40,000 mark. It is less in government colleges. But getting in government colleges is very hard due to the competition. Many good hard working science students make their way to success by passing. This year also many have made it and we congratulate them again.


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