US Navy starts LaWS (Laser Weapon System)
US Navy starts LaWS (Laser Weapon System)

We all know that military technology and engineering are always better and ahead. They have good budget and bright minds too. They always show us powerful and awesome gadgets. After a good research and show of  really cool Rail Gun, US Navy starts LaWS (Laser Weapon System). This is a first phase project. We assume that we will be seeing laser guns soon.

The USS Ponce which is located in Persian Gulf has been using Laser Weapon System known as (LaWS) since August 2014. It is not powerful enough to shoot bigger vessels and objects. All it does is shoot a non lethal laser flash to thwart their sensors. Do not underestimate its powers. It can surely shoot down small ships like drone easily. It is stationed there to defend against Iranian fleet.

The laser is very delicate system so it needs a lot of care and protection from the dust, dirt and the harsh weather. The Navy may be developing and improving this system. It is sure that in near future we will be seeing new high tech laser weapons. The military also showed experiments with Rail gun some years before. That weapon was capable of shooting metal projectiles at March 7 that is 7 times the speed of sound.

The plan is to improve the weapon and try to implement these system in more warship to improve the military. These latest laser tech weapons are the future of weapon where these is no need to use projectiles and explosive materials. The new technology always brings up challenge to another technology so the defense will also need improvement like laser attack proof aircrafts ad other high tech system that work like flares in other aircraft.


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Advanced Weaponry

US spends a lot of its budget in defense and military. They constantly work on improving, inventing new technology. Rail Gun and LaWS are some of such weapons. Laser Weapon System can actually be a very good system. It doesn’t need ammunition expect energy source such as electricity. They can be highly precise and have very high range. These tings are good for the country’s defense. For now, these are pretty expensive and futuristic weaponry and technology. War is bad but development and new inventions are always good and welcome.

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