US Navy XN-1 LaWS
US Navy XN-1 LaWS

Military technology and engineering are always better and ahead. They always have a good budget and bright minds at their disposal. They always show us first-class powerful and awesome gadgets. If we look back at history, the US Military is one of the key role players in the development of the Internet. After good research and show of a really cool electromagnetic projectile shooter, US Navy has started LaWS. This is the first phase project. It can take many years to complete this work

The USS Ponce which is located in the Persian Gulf has been using AN/SEQ-3 LaWS since August 2014. It is not powerful enough but the technology is developing. Currently, it can shoot a non-lethal laser flash to thwart their sensors. We should not underestimate its powers though. It can surely take down small ships like drones easily. It is stationed there to defend against the Iranian fleet. The main purpose of LaWS is to tackle UAV.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The laser is a very delicate system so it needs a lot of care. It needs protection from dust, dirt and the harsh weather. The Navy is constantly developing and improving this system. It is sure that in near future we will be seeing a new high tech laser system. The military also showed experiments with electromagnetic projectile shooters some years before. They are capable of shooting metal projectiles on Mach 7 that is 7 times the speed of sound.

Advancements and Developments

The plan is to improve LaWS and try to implement these systems to improve the military’s power. These latest laser-based technologies are the future of this industry. In the future, there may not be a need to use projectiles and explosive materials. New technology always brings up challenges to another technology. So the defense will also need improvement. We might now need laser attack proof aircraft and another high tech system as a countermeasure.

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The LaWS on the USS Ponce can have low power or high power mode. It actually uses an infrared beam to shoot at its enemies. A low power beam is used to scare off enemies with non-lethal and non-destructive laser shots. In the high power mode, it a deliver 30,000W power shot that can do serious damages. This is very new and high tech and it has many pros over traditional machinery.


The USA spends a lot of its budget in defense and military. They constantly work on improving, inventing new technology. LaWS is one example and it actually is a very good system. It just needs projectile and energy sources such as electricity. They can be highly precise and have a very high range. These things are good for a country’s defense. For now, these are pretty expensive and futuristic technology.

Defense and new technology

Newer technologies are always developed during the defense R&D process. LaWS is an amazing and interesting implementation of Laser. It is a state of the art technology for defense. The research in this sector is always focused on the best technology that can offer the most accurate result or target.

The use of laser now shows that huge changes can be expected with development in science. LaWS is using Laser for defense and it is serving as very high tech solution. Similarly, electromagnetic projectile shooters also work as a replacement for old technology. The laser is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. It is used in all fields of science, engineering, and defense. All these technologies are great to see. Now let us wait and watch what more of such interesting things we get to see.


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