Vivo Apex 2020 Concept Phone with Gimbal Camera: Step towards perfection

Vivo Apex 2020 Details

Vivo launches concept phones each year and it brings revolutionary tech to the table. Some features make it to market and go to volume production. While some go for finishing and improvement. Anyway, the concept phone gives a glimpse of the technology that we can enjoy in the present. This time the Vivo Apex 2020 brings lots of interesting things. It is an amalgamation of the best technology that makes a smartphone, powerful and pretty. It is a concept phone but we might see it in the market as well.

The plan of Vivo was to launch this device in MWC Barcelona. But as the program has been canceled, it has been launched nonetheless. Vivo Apex 2020 has one of the most mesmerizing screens of all time. It has a full-screen display with 120 degrees curve on both edges. There is no notch at the top and the selfie camera is also under the screen. This gives it an amazing, non-intrusive look that everyone wants. The screen extends all the way to the sides. It melts around the sides so far that there are no physical buttons. The phone has virtual pressure-sensitive buttons only.

This smartphone also has a top of the line specs for the processor, storage and memory. Most importantly it has a surprising set of cameras. The front camera is under the screen which is obviously unique. Primary or backside cameras are also interesting because Vivo has implemented lots of great things. There is Gimbal like OIS for the main camera and Periscope zoom with up to 7.5x optical zoom.


Vivo Apex 2020 Specification

Let us start the discussions with the specs of this device first, Not only Apex 2020 has a good design and fancy features, but it also has powerful basic hardware. These are the hardware specs inside this beauty.

  • Screen: 6.45″ Fullview display with 1080×2330 resolution
  • SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chipset
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Inbuilt Storage: 256 GB
  • Rear Camera: 48 Megapixel (Gimbal OIS) and 16 Megapixel (Periscope)
  • Front Camera: 16 Megapixel display sensor

We have seen many manufacturers making a curved screen. Some go overboard and some stay conservative. Vivo’s approach is borderline because it has pushed the boundary by replacing buttons and ports. The screen is 6.45″ LCD and it is curved which gives it a full notch and borderless look but the resolution is FHD+. The front 16 MP camera is below this display at the top part. Vivo says they have increased the light-transmitting capacity of the screen. They are also using software to improve photos. The phone turns off the pixel of the camera part while taking photos to let light pass through it.

Similarly, we have interesting cameras on the backside as well. There is a 48 MP main camera that has a new type of Optical Image Stabilization. This module uses Gimbal type OIS which is even more effective and one of the industry’s first. Then there is 16 MP module which as periscope system that allows optical zoom up to 7.5x. There are moving parts in this module which helps to zoom optically. These are very impressive camera technologies on a smartphone. However, there is no ultrawide camera with this one.

Other Features and power

Vivo’s Apex 2020 has all top of the specs such as Snapdragon 865, 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. As this phone is going no ports concept, there is no external SD card support. But there is very interesting battery technology. Vivo is providing a 60 watts wireless charging feature. This is a very exceptional feature and we also want to try it. Fast charge, wireless fast charge, and high-density batteries are new things which companies are working on. Everyone is trying to push that boundary.


For now, these are the information out there and we are in touch with representatives of Vivo smartphone. We will update this article when we get additional information. For now, by just looking at design renders and specs, we feel that this phone is a glimpse of future smartphones. In our words, it is one good step closer to perfection. We hope that the improvement of technologies brings the best humans can achieve in the gadget industry.

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