Vivo Nepal Extends Warranty of Smartphones for its customers

Vivo Nepal Extends Warranty for mobile phones due to lockdown

Nepal is in lockdown state just like other countries for the prevention of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. This has put a halt in day to life and business. The lockdown was extended till April 7 and things are still uncertain. Governments and institutions are trying best to improvise during this global pandemic. As there is a lockdown, no one can move out so people who need phone servicing or need to claim warranty also can’t go to service centers. To help customers Vivo Nepal extends the warranty of smartphones by two months.

COVID-19 is a serious pandemic that has taken many lives and has affected lots of people. It is viral and transmits through droplets and contact. Almost every country is in lockdown and people are ordered to stay inside. Companies are telling employees to work from home. Vivo Nepal has also asked its staff to work from home. This is why no office or service center is open. In this situation, it is the duty of the company to provide solace as far as possible.

Vivo is extending the warranty of users for two months. It is not for everyone because of this program only applies to customers whose validity was ending in this lockdown period. It means people can claim later. This is a very good step from the company and we appreciate it. We also urge other companies to do the same.


Vivo Warranty Extension Details

It is the responsibility of a company to take care of its customers. That is the key to customer satisfaction and after-sale service. This program is special because the condition of the world is very serious. Here for this special case, Vivo Nepal extends warranty for two months or up to 23rd May 2020. It applies to people whose warranty was ending on 22nd March 2020. This means until the lockdown is lifted, people’s phones are covered.

People might get panicked when their smartphone fails or something unwanted happens. Currently, all shops, showrooms, authorized stores, and service centers are closed. This is why companies need to cover for their customers. The company is rolling software patches and updates to keep everything up to date.

The company has also suspended any launches and reveal programs. Every company, institution, and organization is in wait and watch mode. People are working from home as far as possible. They are maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Vivo says that they stand on the side of customers and they are willing to stand by this decision. Users can contact them through their website and social media for any queries.

Upcoming Smartphone Launches

The Vivo Apex 2020 Concept phone is the most anticipated mobile launch of this year. We hope to see this new device in Nepal in 2020. There are other mid-range and budget smartphones waiting in the pipeline. V19 Pro, IQOO Pro 5G, Z5, and Z6 5G are also supposed to be coming soon this year. Nepalese market might see some of these Vivo models.


Economists predict that there may be a global recession after this. We can also see the effect of this. The price of everything is on the rise. Companies are shut down and demand is growing. No one knows for sure but if we see the trend of the USD exchange rate, its value is increasing rapidly. Therefore, new phones might become expensive.

When a new device comes we always update it in our Vivo mobile price list. We hope that the pandemic ends soon and new devices start to come. The year 2020 is supposed to be the pivoting year where we could see new mobile phones with high refresh rate screens, better cameras, and bigger batteries.

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