Watch Dogs Lag, FPS Drop and Shuttering Fix for PC
Watch Dogs Lag, FPS Drop and Shuttering Fix for PC

Watch Dogs is one of the most awaited game. It was demoed in E3 2013 and people were waiting for it. The game finally arrived on consoles first. Then after some time, it came out for the PC. Actually, PC gamers were waiting for this game for a long time. The demo showed better graphics and improvement in PC. As the game is here, there are many disappointments. The graphics are downgraded and there are a lot of issues with performance. So this is our trick to fix Watch Dogs lag, FPS drops and shuttering issue.

The game is highly demanding and we accept it. We need a powerful graphics card and processors to play this game. Even playing games in higher-end computers show issues. This means there is a lack of optimization. The major issue is shuttering. FPS drop is also another issue. The gameplay is very choppy and disturbing.

People and players like us are very disappointed in graphics as well. The E3 demo was very good but the game came out to be not of the demo quality. It seems that it is not a very good port. Some gamers reverse engineered the game files. They found that developers sabotaged high-quality texture files. There is a 3rd party patch available which unlocks great beautiful texture for good graphics as shown in the trailer.

Fix for the Problem

The solution to most problems is similar to the Need For Speed Rivals Lag Fix. The shuttering issue may be still there but we advise you to test this code. All you have to do is just copy the code ” -GameTime.MaxSimFps 18-GameTime.ForceSimRate 18+” in the target field of your game’s shortcut. Use the 18 as a variable and change it as necessary. Increase or decrease it according to your computer’s power.

Test as many possible values you find suitable. The code will limit FPS but can solve issues. If you have a good powerful computer then higher values can be used. New patch from Ubisoft should also fix many of the issues. The video and solution was provided by our editor. This is gameplay from a computer having AMD Phenom X6 1055t, Zotac GT 610 2GB, Dlogix 8 GB RAM, Seagate Poseidon 1TB HDD, and Biostar A960D+ MotherBoard.


One test was done on Dell 3542 with GT820M and Core i5 4210U with 4 GB RAM. We saw lag and used the lag fix codes and new updates. Same issues persisted on a laptop with GT 755M in SLI with Core i7 and 8GB RAM. GT 755M in SLI is a very powerful configuration for this time being.

Gamers love game that runs smoothly on mid-level computers. We hope Ubisoft puts out a new patch and updates the game. Watch Dogs is an open world game. It is getting good ratings from users because of its gameplay though. We are also liking the gameplay after the shuttering fix. The concept is actually very good. We hope they bring a new addition to the series with better improvements.


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