WordCamp Butwal 2020: WordPress conference in Western Nepal

Nepal WordCamp Butwal 2020

WordPress is a very famous platform around the world. It is one of the heavily used CMS on the internet. It is very popular in Nepal and therefore many people in the tech sector use it. WordCamp is an international event that happens each year in different places around the globe. For Nepal, this time it is happening in Butwal. The WordCamp Butwal 2020 is set to happen on January 25th. The event location is Durbar Lawn, Yogikuti, Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal. It is being taken as the first international IT program in Butwal.

Many popular websites use WordPress for content management. This is because it is easy, open and free to use so there are many users. Anyone who has personal blogs or big media houses like CNN, Time Inc, The New Yorker, etc use this platform. WordPress is everywhere and it shares a large chunk of the internet. So we can understand its userbase and global acceptance. Nepali users also use it to a great extent and this WordCamp Butwal 2020 can help gather experts and enthusiasts.

The main goal is sharing information, knowledge, ideas and making network relations. In the Butwal event, there are around 19 speakers. They are national and international IT experts and developers. We have people from Nepal, India, and Japan. In the program, there will be many discussions, interactions, and presentations. Its aim is to provide new information and help professionals, students, enthusiasts, and users. There are many independent developers and companies working in Nepal who make WordPress bases sites, themes and plugins.

Event Importance, Benefits, and ticket

The major importance of WordCamp Butwal 2020 is gaining new ideas and knowledge. In the event, there are going to be many IT experts, developers, companies, CEO, website builders, founders, and users. This gives the opportunity to learn and get to know the information. Enthusiasts can know about new and upcoming things, features and trends. There is a “Networking Event” after the main program. This is the place to enjoy a meal and make new connections.

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As there are many experts, CEO, founders and companies, people can make new network links and relations. This can be very beneficial. This event is important for the place as well. Attendees do get the benefits but due to the event, Butwal can also get some attention. This event is going to happen in Butwal which is in Rupandehi district. The birthplace of the Lord Buddha or Lumbini is very near as well. Visit Nepal 2020 campaign is also going on and this event can give some attention to this place.

Most tech events happening in Kathmandu. So most cities outside of the valley don’t see such programs. This also makes a change to a regular pattern and could help to bring in the participation of people living in western Nepal. So, if you are interested and live near Butwal, you can also come. The normal ticket price is Rs 1,500 and if you buy early its just Rs 1,000. You can also find upcoming events in the WordCamp official site.

Experts and Sponsors

Some notable speaker for the program is Surendra Shrestha, Tetsuya Yoshida, Rahul D Sarker, Subhasis Chatterjee, Shiva Shanker Bhatta, and Madhav Dhungana. These are some national CEOs and international speakers. There are many other independent developers, programmers and freelancers as well. As usual, there are sponsors as well. We have many famous sponsoring companies such as Jetpack, WooCommerce, BlueHost, GoDaddy and Broadway Infosys.

Moreover, there are many local companies backing this WordPress event as well. These include Enespsters, Proshore, Butwal Web, Laxmi Electronics, ICT Frame, TechInfo Nepal, and Webpage Nepal. It shows the interest of many companies and support from the community. Finally we hope that this program happens successfully.

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