Xiaomi Accessories official price in Nepal

Xiaomi is one of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturing company. They have a huge portfolio of great products. One thing that defines this company is performance at lowest cost. This Chinese giant is now a big player in electronics sector. Vatsal Impex has launched many devices in the market and this is the Xiaomi Accessories official price in Nepal.

Xiaomi Nepal has lots of successful phones like Mi4,5, Redmi 3s and many more. They are also coming with the new Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix very soon. We always missed the headphones with their phones but they have come to the market with some great headphones and other accessories.

Lets begin with the most important accessory of all, that is earphones. A great headphone is very important to enjoy good music and your phone. Xiaomi products are high quality, durable and reasonable. This is the official price of Xiaomi Accessories in Nepal.

Mi Band 2 Chrager Rs 350
USB Fan Rs 549
Mi Headphone Basic Rs 799
LED Light Prime Rs 799
Selfie Stick Rs 1,499
Car Charger Rs 1,499
Mi Motion Activated Night Light Rs 1,499
Capsule Earphone / Piston Air Rs 1,899
VR Player Rs 1,749
Mi Portable Mouse Rs 1,999
5000 mAh Power Bank Rs 1,499
Mi Selfie Stick Tripod Rs 2,299
10000 mAh Power Bank Rs 2,199
Mi Mask Rs 2,499
Mi Wallet Rs 3,199
Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Rs 3,299
Classic Bagpack Rs 3,499
Mi Smart Scale Rs 3,999
Anti Pollution Mask Rs 4,999
Mi Band 2 Rs 3,499
Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 Rs 4,799
Bluetooth Speaker Rs 5,499
Mi Headphone Comfort Rs 6,399
Air Quality Tester Rs 9,999
AI Speaker Rs 10,999
Amazfit Bip Lite Youth Smartwatch Rs 10,500
Arc Amazfit Watch Rs 10,500
TV Box Rs 11,999
Car Purifier Rs 12,999
Amazfit Health Band Rs 17,500
Mi Air Purifier 2 Rs 16,999
Mi 4k Action Camera Rs 16,999
Mi 360 Camera Rs 49,999
Electric Scooter Rs 54,999
Vacuum Cleaner Rs 54,999
Mi TV 43” Rs 87,999
TV 49” Rs 1,11,999
Mi TV 55” Rs 1,59,999
Air Book 12.5” Rs 76,999
Air Book 13.3” Rs 90,999


Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro :  It has a metallic built with some plastic parts. Earbuds aren’t straight as usual but they are positioned at an angle to provide good fit. The sound quality is pretty good in experience.

Mi Capsule Earphone / Piston Air: It is a light weight headphone with good bass and sound clarity. It also has bent structure similar to the In-Ear headphone. Company claims that this gives good fit comfort to the user. The earphones are made up of high quality silicone which gives comfort and durability.


Selfie Stick: There are lots of selfie sticks in the market with no brand and quality assurance. It is 18 cm in length but can go up to 85 cm when extended. Surprisingly it has 55 mAh battery inside.

Power Bank: The power bank has become one of the most essential equipment for mobile device users. Xiaomi is offering 10400 mAh Mi Power bank. This is a very great deal considering originality, battery size and product quality.

Mi Band 2: This is a fitness gear for the health freaks and geeks. It is a thing wrist wearable gadget with OLED screen and 70 mAh battery. There are lots of function and sensors to provide tons of information regarding heart rate, steps and notification from smartphone.

USB Fan: Portable USB Fan can be a great luxury in summer. People can use it while travelling or in home. Most travelers do carry a power bank and it would be lot easy to have a small portable USB fan to use with it. Home users can also use it when required if it fulfills their need.


LED Light Prime: Whether it is travelling or load-shedding emergency portable light is a good thing to have. Xiaomi Mi LED light prime is 1.2 Watt flexible light. Users can use this light with Laptop or power bank. It is LED system which makes it brighter and efficient.

VR Play:

Virtual Reality is a growing field around the globe. It is very light in weight and simple in construction. There is only one button which works just by touching the screen from inside. Users can place the phone inside by just opening the fasteners and placing in position.

Vatsal Impex of Sharda Grup sells original Xiaomi products in Nepal. You can buy from retail stores in Nepal. Please check and ask for original products only. You can buy them at Xiaomi store in Labim Mall, official website or at their office as well.


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